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  • Yo yo yo I bought the manga adaption of Ocarina of Time at the same bookstore I bought the Mortal Engines! I might read it before continuing the game, we’ll see.
    Oh, I didn’t see this as you posted on your own profile. I’m in Norfolk right now, they’ve got great beaches here! And great doughnuts... and great arcades... I think I’m heaven.
    Spending over 1 million Poké on clothes in Ultra Moon probably wasn't the best financial desicion, but I'll be the best dressed Champion!
    Nice! Ooh, where are you going to? Sounds entertaining, but I always just pick the option I would in Link's place.
    Forgot to mention in my last PM, but yep, I started Ocarina of Time! I haven’t gotten that far as I’m busy preparing for a holiday, but it’s quite fun so far! I ended up trolling Zelda by saying no to everything she said, which entertained little old me quite a lot.
    Hey, happy birthday! Sorry I haven’t got a drawing right now, my motivation took a dip again. I hope you have a great day!
    Aww, that’s a shame, you should ask for a PSvita for your birthday!

    I guess I could, but not in the new VM system because the decreased VM word count sucks. We could optionally go to PM now, since apparently the inbox is unlimited?
    I know right? Just smashing.

    While the PSvita was the original platform, there is a version on the PS3 and there is a planned release for a PS4 remaster coming out this month (Japan only so far, but there are most likely plans for an English release), as well as an MS Windows port (so basically non-Mac PCs).
    There’s also tension between the nobles and commoners, since there’s a huge influence of the class system in this world, and Class VII is the first group to actively mix nobles and commoners (which leads to a couple of internal conflicts as well), The game has a steampunk-y vibe to it, which was one of the reasons I first asked for it, so that’s pretty cool.
    It’s a stand-alone JRPG from an existing franchise that I haven’t played yet so I don’t have a big idea of the world yet, but it’s about nine kids who are going to a military academy because there’s a war at the country borders happening, and they all get put into a special class named Class VII so that they can test out new battle tech (its implied there’s more to it but I’m not far in yet). (Part 2)
    Maybe I could, it depends on what my Mum decides is reasonable money.

    Yeah, thankfully most of the other characters are nice enough to make up for it. There’s one boy who gets on my nerves a little but I don’t mind him nearly as much as the love interest. If you want an idea of how much I don’t like her, I’ll just say: faceboob scene. (Part one, lower character limit!)
    Sounds awesome! I wish I could play BOTW...

    With this girl, it’s not just the fact I know it’s her, but that she’s the least likeable female (and probably least likeable overall) of the main cast because she’s overflowing with irritating tsundere. Other than her this game is really good though. I could say what it’s about, if you want?
    Yep, it was my profile pic for a while, but it’s back now! Yours is pretty cool, what’s it from?

    Yesterday a PSvita game that I wanted called Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel arrived, and it’s a really cool game (minus this one really annoying tsundere girl who I just know is gonna be the love interest...)!
    Hey dude, the update is done! You can have a custom avatar now too. The change is currently a little iffy in terms of the character limit and image bbcodes but other than that it’s not half bad!
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