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  • You’re a really good artist, and waking up to that was really awesome. Seriously, thanks. You’re the best.

    Not all of my stuff has arrived so far according to my mum, but I have got two autobiographies from one of my idols which are both pretty awesome! I’ve also gotten this llama thing that’s meant to be used to clear desktops and the like, but I’m probably just gonna keep it as something fluffy to hug. Most of my merch and video game stuff hasn’t come yet apparently, but I can’t wait!
    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That looks amazing! I haven’t opened any yet actually, as a celebration I get a day off my home ed and I slept in really late XD
    Yeah, I’m fine with my PSvita for now though. Most of the visual novels I wanna get are on there so yeah XD

    I’m probably gonna go for a picture I’ve had for a while now of one of the background NPCs in the Sun/Moon anime (it was my profile pic for a while here actually), but until then I’ve switched up my avatar to one of my favourites I had in the past of Riley because it’ll probably be the last time I use one of Serebii’s avatars... also because I’m thinking of that IronWillShipping fic too but whatever.
    I’m hoping to get a Switch for Christmas this year when the price hopefully goes down, since I couldn’t get one last Christmas (although that led me to get a PSvita in exchange which is one of my new favourite consoles so yeah), so you won’t have to wait too long hopefully...

    Also, have you seen? Custom Avatars are gonna be making their debut soon here!
    Heyo! I’m not gonna read it just yet since you mentioned at the top that it contains BOTW spoilers but I promise that once I finally play/watch a playthrough of the game I’ll give it a good read.
    I can’t wait to see it!

    I probably won’t start mine today because I’m really tired and I’ve got an urge to write something for another game I finished off last night, but it’ll be done someday!

    Yep, and it was brilliant!
    Hey, it’s fine! I completely understand if you’ve had a lot to do.

    Yeah, go for it! Sounds like the kinda thing you’d do really well. I want to write an IronWillShipping fic (Riley x Dawn) soon because I’ve got an idea, but I just need the motivation.

    I’ve missed em, too. Welcome back mate.
    Hey there friend, just thought I’d say that the Shipping Oscars 2017 are up. If you’re not interested then that’s chill but you can check em out if you want.
    Heya! Just thought I’d say I’ve gone and reviewed Skybound, sorry that it’s quite overdue.

    Also, I haven’t seen you in my gallery in a while, and I just thought I’d say that I’ve gone and done quite a bit since you last visited!
    You planning to post in Clue soon? Otherwise I can just go ahead and move us on, stating that you're still in the parlor.
    I’m hopefully finishing the project tomorrow since I’m waiting for something to arrive, so look forward to that!

    I played US instead of UM, and I gotta say I love Dulse and Zossie. I dunno what Phyco is like, but he seems pretty cool. I kinda got the middling vibe with LBW, but BOTW seems amazing. I’m gonna ask for a Switch for Christmas next year probably.
    It’s not really for a franchise we both share a like for, but I’m having fun with it and I hope you like it!

    Ooh, that’s quite far. Not quite at the part where the game becomes really different, but when that bit comes you should have fun. I bought Zelda: A Link Between Worlds a while ago but couldn’t get into it, but I really wanna get a Switch to play BOTW since it looks stunning.
    Hey! Now firstly, I read your post in my gallery and I’m gonna reply when the time comes, I’m working on a slightly different kind of art project that’ll go there soon...

    Secondly, I remember you mentioning you got USUM a while back, and I’m curious as to where you are in it!
    Good luck for those real ones!

    I posted a comparison of my old art and my most recent up in my gallery if you wanna see!
    Wow, tanks! No worries about the review, I'm just glad to hear you enjoyed the story.
    Eyyy! I hope your real life stuff sorts itself out.

    I’m hoping I win it too, although I have no idea if I actually will. I gotta give props to Ambyssin though, he’s a great beta and I think chapter 3 is now better quality than it could’ve been.

    Hey, thanks! I hadn’t written any poetry in a while but I’d been told I was good at it in school, and I had a sudden burst of angst which appears to be when I write emotion best from experience XD
    Firstly, hey where you been buddy? It’s been a while and I’m missing ya already. :(

    Secondly, GUESS WHAT JUST GOT UPDATED?! White Abridged is no longer dead!
    Hey, hey! Guess what? White Abridged got nominated! Like I know that you’ve been nominated for a lot more but this just made my day :D
    Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the nomination in the fanfic awards! I'm glad you enjoyed "Fourfold!"
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