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  • Heyyy! I posted some non-Pokemon romance poetry (god that phrase makes me sound like the ultimate nerd aaaaahhhh just bear with me) because I wanted to write something out of nowhere to make me feel like I’ve still got at least some talent with writing so uhh you can go read it if you want.
    I’m glad you like it! I’ve been trying to get back into the digital scene a little, although I’m pretty sure that I’ll still mostly do traditional since I actually really love it.

    I gotta say well done, you’ve become more of an icon than I have in the fanfic subforum and I’ve been here longer than you have. I do hope I get at least one nomination for something though...
    Oh, and also, nominations for the fanfic awards are open! You might wanna look, some of your stuff has already been nominated. Unlike mine, heh heh heh... *cries*

    (Also, don’t take this as secretly asking for you to nominate my stuff. If you think there’s better stuff out there then by all means nominate that, I don’t mind)
    Heyo! To start off the new year good, I drew a banner for my gallery if you wanna see it! I did it digitally, an art form which I wanna do more this year (although I am definitely mostly doing traditional)!
    I do love Bianca quite a lot, she’s proof that you don’t need to be good at everything to be a great person and find your way in life. And yep, the trailer only makes me wish we got an anime based on BW and B2W2.
    Maybe if we ever meet each other in real life I could show you or something, that’d be awesome.

    I like your av change! I changed to this one because it’s part of the only moment in anything Pokemon related which my sister has actually said is badass. She’s not a huge Pokemon fan normally but understands why I’m a huge sucker for it.
    Whoops, you said that on your own profile. Ah well.

    So it’s this awesome game called Gravity Rush where you play as this woman who has the ability to alter the gravity around her, meanin that she can basically fly around everywhere and kick things in midair n stuff. The setting is this steampunk(!) world where there are four (at least so far) islands that are being attacked by strange blobby monsters from another realm, and the MC works to help destroy them and stop them from coming into the steampunk place for good, all the while there are multiple other characters with forces both on the sides of good and evil being all mysterious. It’s really fun and the graphics are beautiful, all the while the plot is really interesting.
    Merry Christmas! I got a PSvita and a bunch of cool fineliners, as well as some cool merch, so I got some good stuff this year!
    I’ll read them once Christmas hype is over, I’ve got a lot of Christmassy stuff to do in the meantime. You’re not the only one, I found myself on the Reylo train and it ain’t stopping anytime soon. I read your review, and I’d like to mention that I’d thought of putting in Cheren and Bianca but actually forgot for some reason. I can’t really change that now but yeah. And yep, those two were N and good old White/Hilda/Unnamed Female Protagonist No.37465! I tried to make all the other little segments chill and happy (and I hope you liked my interpretation of Grimsley!), but wanted a little bit more emotion for the final part since I’ve often found N’s Story and the MC’s drive to find him after BW to be one of the most powerful things in the whole series.
    I haven’t read the books, but my sister has and I have a healthy respect for the series. And yeah, The Last Jedi had too many good things about it! My favourite was that one fight scene with Kylo and Rey... you know the one I’m talking about! Also, I’m just about to upload a new festive Pokemon one-shot because I got an inspiration spark!
    Eyyyy, you’re back and with an appropriate Death Cure user title! May the force be with you too, damn The Last Jedi was bloody brilliant, if a little cheesy with the whole Rose thing, but who cares it’s Star Wars it’s gonna be cheesy. I’ll check out Skybound in a bit!
    (Psst, I don't even know if it matters at this point because I don't know what your plans are, but if you are moving forward, I am done with my Hogwarts SU.)
    I was just thinking - you should put Skybound in your signature! More people will see it that way. Maybe even make a little banner for it if you're feeling adventurous.
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