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  • Writin' a book? Cool! I hope you can get a lot done on it!

    About college, I'm still in the application process. I am trying to get into a local technical college. I've had a little trouble because they just changed affiliations. (/_\)
    Anyway, prayer regarding my application and regarding financial aid would be appreciated.
    Sorry about the delay dude. I've been a bit busy with work over here. And not only that, I have been busy with another fic I've been struggling to update for months. I prioritize with these kinds of things, so sorry if I'm making you wait.

    Good to know that I have a reader sticking bye, though. Thanks for your support.
    Hacked. Uhhh. #_#
    Ok. I understand. I have some that else that submitted a verse that I put on my waiting list. I'm gonna go ahead and use their verse while you're searching for a new one.
    Nails? Human or metal? Wii Music is one that you can get a hard copy of. It's a rhythm gme and it does have Wi-Fi. You can share music videos that you have made on Wii Music over Wi-Fi.
    I don't eat chips too often. But yeah... they are tasty. What kinda chips do you like? I like Lays Kettle Cooked chips. And Ruffles!
    Hellooo! Wazzup? Have you heard of a comedian named Mike Williams? He hassome good stuff on Youtube. You should check out the one titled "Eagle Song."
    I have heard of the song about potty training. (Haven't heard it though.) I didn't even know that he had any CD's till you said so. But I went to his site and...sure enough! CD's!
    You listed in your interests that you liked to read. What kind of stuff do you like to read? Have you read Wayne Thomas Batson's "Door Within" trilogy?

    By the way, I 'cepted your friend request. Please keep discussion to a PG level. Thankies!
    I haven't heard any of the songs you mentioned except "Fire Ants." Do you know what that is a joke on? Also, have you heard his spoof on the FreeCreditReport.com song? That's a really good one.
    I like his song "Chik-fil-a." Also, "The Pain Song." "Blue is the color of lips,so cold, when I went outside in the freezing snow...."
    Dude shut up your such a N00B haha I'm a boxing champ and I thought you were my friend Elliott Karr moron...
    I don't have my Bible with me at the moment, but I'll look it up tomorrow morning. I could include it but hmmm.... I'll let you know if I do.
    Hiya! Well I still have the plot plan for Trial by Water on my computer. I ran into the problem of if I wanted to focus on the Gyms or not, which had to be done at the point I left off, because the Oreburgh Gym was next. I'd like to get back to it, but my major fanfic project active now is something called Six Spirit. Vincent and Lucas will probably have to wait until I've got Six Spirit figured out.
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