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  • Awww New Soul!
    And by Timmy you better be back tomorrow. c':
    ugh I have school tomorrow too but cya~
    Ooo look at Timmy being all smart in Honors English. :') Lucky! I end at freakin' 4PM. .-.
    Yay! Can't wait to read them. What's your first fanfic on here going to be about? Pokemon? I'm going to work on a One Piece or Fairy Tail fanfic. Then Pokemon, teehee.~

    Really? Ima post then!
    How is your high school so far anyway? What time do you end school? o-o
    and yeah I know right. so you're only going to work on fanfics during the weekend? and yup I saw 'em. you must be a good fanfic writer for getting recruited many times. @_@ but write fanfics on here!~
    LOL Timmy, you're not supposed to post on your own profile! You're supposed to click 'View Conversation' and then reply to me. :p it's not what you're used to. XD

    Yay so you're going to make a Pogeyman fanfic? And Kingdom Hearts too ooo yay!
    Ummm sure! I'll do my best to make some Pokeymans. Then maybe some Kingdom Hearts? Idk.
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