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  • Thank you! I do remember you - I'm glad more older gen hunters are back because I love how the shinies look as sprites rather than 3D models. Welcome back, and good luck with your Archen hunt! Those SRs are piling up and fossil resets are pretty painful with the dialogue!
    Ugh... 12,352 (1,352 today) and counting, and still no Lugia :(

    Gonna stop at 12,4 tonight. And still 4 full days of hunting to go before I go back to work.
    Sweet i'll add you! I talk to quite a few of the names you listed :p Auora lights 493, Supreme Rk9 (Dalas), The shiny twins (Brooke and Willow), Mem0delivery and more!

    Mem0 saw the live sparkles when I found feebas :p
    If you want i'll send you the recording of yesterdays shiny mew just so you can hear my ridiculous reaction from finding a shiny in under 15 mins of run aways
    Hey, thanks for the gl :) Gonna stop at 9,300 tonight, hoping it shines soon, as not long until ORAS!
    CAS sucks, but Maths Studies is not too bad, at least I found. Except for the calculus.
    I'm doing well. I'm absolutely loving the anime society here - we have about three events a week (stuff like origami, going out for a Japanese meal, a manga library etc.), and I love all the people there as well. My workload hasn't been too bad yet, either.
    Thanks, my finger's not too bad anymore. I just hit it off a door and managed to bruise it pretty badly. I'm not sure If I said this yet or not but congrats on eevee, it's so cool to see how far you're progressing on both badge quests.
    My word what is going on with your luck?!? Massive congratulations on Latias, Snivy, Ho-oh and Lillipup! I do love all of those shinies, great to see you get them all in one week :)
    Congrats on snivy! It's so great you got it so early (especially with how long the bw srs are), I think your badge quest card looks very cute by the way! Good luck with your next target!
    Congrats on latias it's such a great shiny. Was it a roaming one or stationary because of the enigma stone, I think that's what it's called, they releases a few years back?
    yep okay i am interested in korean events just say what you want for it from my shop and it is okay
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