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  • That's the problem. I have nothing in the way of an actual plot yet. :(

    I'm still trying to figure one.
    Happy birthday, Titan. So...according to the list of birthdays, you're now 13 and have started the next phase of your life as a teen. Good luck. ;P
    Just so you know, I've pretty much given up on Zero to Hero. Writing it just doesn't feel right. It's apparently one half-cliche I can't take.
    i don't watch masterchef it's just the ad on channel ten has julia gillard and that is what i though of
    this is what someone should do on junior master chef
    1.Make a cake with poison in it
    2.Give it to Julia
    3.Have A Party
    Yeah, but it's so over the top that I have to like it. It sounds sort of like something one of my friends would say. Other than being Australian and almost thirteen, of course.
    Sorry for ruining the RP for you. I wasn't very used to RP's and got a little carried away. Once again, I am sorry for doing this.
    Same from me for ruining PL. I know the Serebii rules say that even if you're new, it doesn't excuse you from the rules, so I am incredibly sorry for godmodding like crazy. That was my first RP too, so I guess i'll get it right this time. Once again sorry.
    Sincerely sorry for messing up PL. D: I thought I was doing a good job, but I was really ruining the experience for everyone else, yourself included. I hope you forgive me! I feel like an idiot for doing it, you were just trying to enjoy the story...
    I must say, thank you for being a level head and telling the others on PL to stop their crap while us GM's were busy due to various reasons.

    You and YDT are pretty much the only ones doing a good job (and have also posted recently).

    Once again, I thank you, and I hope that you will continue to post. We've already lost a good person with DVB. I sure hope we don't lose another one. ):
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