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  • If you come back on line anytime soon, I need you to do a test battle for someone trying to get into the clan if you have the time, please.
    Here's how you do it so you know next time you battle (me or anyone else). Go to the regular (Off-Line) battle part. The one where you can do one player and battle your team against obtained friend passes. When it asks you the rules, and singles/doubles battles, edit the rules there, and name the rule when you finish so you can remember what one it is. Then, when you go on wi fi versus a frind, you can use your rules to battle with.My rules were set up as follows...

    Lvl 50 All (It won't let you do lvl 100 all)
    How many Pokemon are allowed on a team (No Limit)
    Only one Pokemon asleep at a time (Allow)
    Only one Pokemon frozen at a time (Disallow)
    Perish Song and Destiny Bond fail if used by the last Pokemon (Allow)
    I Selfdestruct or Explosion make all of the remaining Pokemon faint, the user loses (Allow)

    I just keep all of the rest of the rules at their defult settings. As you can see though, my rules were set up as what would be used in Standard Rules.
    No, rank up battles can be in any tier, but must be a 6v6 battle. This is only due to the fact that in most cases, for wars and tournies, the battles will be in 6 v 6 format. Had you won any of the other three, you would have ranked up.
    GG to you as well. I was going to go one more time...Just with a different card. I should have told you. iI'm still on if you want to go agaon. I have a different UU team.
    Okay. I'll add you on there, and be there shortly. Gimme like five minutes though, I will need to get a UU card. I have a UU team, they just aren't on a battle card. See you there and good luck.
    Sure. What format do you want to use? I usually go with Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Lvl 50 all. Perish Song and Destany Bond fasails for the last poke, and Selfdestruct and Explosion KO's all the pokes left, the user looses. No Freeze Clause, and no Item Clause. My Wi is in a different room, though, so I won't be able to send or recieve messages while I battle you, though. You wanna do singles or Doubles? NU, UU, OU, or Uber (I don't play NFE).
    again thats not my fault or real problem sorry, try training some more pokemon thats my only advice to you. not trying to be mean.
    u knew it was doubles you shouldve adjusted your team accordingly its not really my fault you gave eq instead of earth power....
    why cuz you actually have to think, you chose singles and won, and if you declining the rematch ill take the win, i have no way of knowing if you d/ced on purpose or not cuz i was i gonna win that. its your call but im going to discuss this with jeyre.
    im not sure what you want to do, im pretty sure considering i was up 6-3 (4-3 assuming your nidoqueen had some umph) and 3 of the 4 had full hp i think i wouldve won, but id be more happy to rematch.
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