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Feb 2, 2014
Nov 6, 2013
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Tixen was last seen:
Feb 2, 2014
    1. Sparkbeat
      Here, can you give me a brief summary on what you were planning to happen on the scouting mission, then I'll ask AA or Meeker if Philemon can just receive that summary, with maybe a few details thrown in, from Verna.
    2. Sparkbeat
      Meant to VM you earlier, kinda forgot x_x. Unless you want me bunnying Pandora a little bit (Which I doubt), can you use Verna to start the scouting mission? If you need any exact personality details just VM what you need to know.
    3. Sparkbeat
      Were you planning on having anything happen during the road to the Survival Area, or can I just make it kinda brief in my post for Friday/Saturday?
    4. Sparkbeat
      I wasn't really planning on having much, since it's a rather out of the way location...not many (if any) tanks and other large armored war machines. I was thinking the Survival Area would be rather easily taken because the mission came from Kalos, and rather out of the blue. So for there, a little, but not much at all. The other two I was thinking still not too much, as there are no PC's nor have any PC's ordered anything to go to the area, but possibly a small unit of soldiers just as Sonne presence in the area.
    5. Sparkbeat
      Yeah, she can be one of the scouts, and since you'll be on the mission, you can have whatever you would like happen, or we could think of something together. Whichever suits you best.
    6. Sparkbeat
      Feel free to kinda progress the party along the road to the Battle Zone if you wish. I won't be able to post again until Friday/Saturday, and just sitting won't do any good. You can do some dialogue of action with Philemon and Verna if you need to.
    7. Sparkbeat
      Hey, you mind if I kill off the Machoke from your post? Just wanna check with you first in case you have anything planned for him.
    8. Soaring Pikachu
      Soaring Pikachu
      One note about the poke-evolutions, so long as it is not something ridiculously overpowered then I will almost always approve these. (I should probably add that to the sign up page)
      If you have anymore questions about anything in the RP, I would be pleased as punch to try and answer them.
    9. AJ2000
      So I just vm'd Tearen. It's time for your characters to enter the RP, so I guess just have them have a run-in with my character who's just woke up in the caverns. Tearen said that your characers know each other, so if you want, you can show up together, and we'll work from there and see what happens.
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