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    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • bug gym has already been taken I haven't added garnet to the league front yet been a bit busy again sewing a costume sorry for the confusion >.< as well as cool I never was able to catch charizard at the same time >.> but glad you got your bagon :3
    yep no problem tleon and ill let you know i need to clone something for leaf as well so ill ask him to clone that at the same time and bacon LOL once again that doesn't get priceless
    there is a list located in the league if you like i think normal,ground and something else is left. I already had a outsider take poison which is cutty
    um well i can try later if i don't long on that i can't sorry tleon we will get it somehow. also our guild league is up if you want to check it out btw :p
    didn't even notice lol but thanks i hope I do too i had this for awhile on and off then it just hit me hard now.
    hey tleon sorry I just been sick for awhile on and off i wasn't on today becuase of it. I will get to you and hollow soon as I can
    Merry Christmas to everyone passing by not going to be online for rest of day so enjoy your holidays
    oh wow my computer is only being stupid with the battery atm it just can't run without it being plugged in :/
    ahhhh that sucks nvm its only i day have it though i hope you get it fixed that does really suck sorry to here that :c
    alright so just trade me the secret santa ill ask charizard to clone the little gal probably tommorow or the next day whenever i can get to him. I need to add you as well...
    oh i have one lol i was saying i haven't breed for it yet lol i got sport ball, and nest ball weedle...
    I haven't breed a weedle yet but that is one of my requests in progress if you don't have it by then ill get ou a spare..
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