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  • Hey man, long time no see :D

    I was just checking your shop and got really interested in one of your Jirachi's. This was in your first shop, so I don't know if it's still available:
    Jirachi(252 HP/32 Speed/224 Sp. Def)(Careful Nature)

    I've got tonnes of flawless ev trained pokemon I can offer you; shiny flawless ev trained jolly Cloyster, shiny flawless ev trained impish Dusclops, non shiny but flawless ev trained Arcanine, shiny flawless ev trained DW Ninetales and many more. So if you were still trading, and were interested, please message me back :)
    Hi, you probably don't remember but in September 2011 we had an arrangement for me to RNG a Joltik for you. For personal reasons I had to take a hiatus for a while which became extended, but I am back. To cut a long story short if you still want the Joltik I have it. A man should always pay his debts.
    I didn't come here just cause of what Yellow said on the clan, noooooo >.> <.<

    Happy Birthday! . 3
    You told me you wanted a second one?
    "Can you clone Shroomish so that I have 2 of them? (1 original/clone + 1 clone)"

    Well anyway now you have two ;) lol. And glad to finally get that trade done, I've just been so busy :p
    give me a sec to import some teams and ill contact you.
    Whats your name by the way?
    Contact me when your online to battle.
    Wifi or po is fine.
    I'll do my best to be online.
    If you could get PO that would be super easy for everyone.
    Though I can Wifi as well.
    Thank you! :D

    And I totally have that page bookmarked lol. I'm gonna use it one of these days when I do my DW arceus ;)
    I can only do PO right now. only until monday can I Wifi.

    I dont have my DS on me as I left it home. (I'm visiting my family for the week and that's a couple of states away.)
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