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  • Ralts is to be found in Treeshroud Forest and Kirlia too but on the higher floors.
    Floatzel can be found in Crystal Crossing.
    You were talking about PkMn Mystery Dungeon right? xD
    Cool. I haven't played AC since last time.........yep weeds, bedhair, roaches etc.
    I was thinking of buying Mario and Sonic, how is it? Better than the first one?
    Didn't see it in my town last time I checked, but I haven't been on that much, so I may have missed it. If its stil there we could reunite them and get the gift from them
    I know what you mean, I can't be bothered to put in the work either. Both my shinies are pure fluke, they both came to me during them game when i was in the wild. Steelix came on Iron Island and Bibaral somewhere in the grass. Just lucky I guess
    I didn't see the bench yesterday, but I will certainly look out for it.
    Oh, so that's what you meant. Well, well done getting a shiny. I only have two, shiny Steelix and shiny Bibarel (although Bibarel looks rubbish as a shiny lol). How many shinies do you have overall?
    Thats annoying, how long will it be like this. But Ok, if I get that Gamecube bench, you can have one. Forget about the bells, I don't use them much anyway. When are they giving out the bench?
    Btw what did you mean about a chain of 40, I still didn't figure that out lol
    Oh yeah, and the reason the code is different to the one I sent you, is because I'm using a different character. The first one i sent you in PM is a different character, also called Chris but without the space. Sorry for any confusion
    mine is Chris (with a space before the C), my town is LushCity and my code is 0603 5443 1202
    ok, but I only just got your message now. If you're still up for it then post on my wall and I'll get on. (P.s. also my town is dying, I haven't played since early 2009 lol)
    also I don't think i have your friend code so PM me it and your town and character name
    Lol I think you did, but no need to apologise, you have to do that kind of thing in mariokart or it isn't fun.
    Cool. I'm gonna be away for a while, so it'll probably be late august or early september when I start playing my Wii again
    You are fine. Make sure any threads you post in have had replies within the last month and if so, post away.
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