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  • I'm sorry I had to take you out too, but I made a promise on the thread. I understand that you don't have time to post and I'm happy that you understand in turn.
    I hope to work with you again as well. Maybe when you have more free time.
    Im not gonna watch it until the subs came out, though
    Oh yes, of course. Sorry about that. I meant to make a post and I just never got around to it. Feel free to move her along. I won't be posting for a few days anyway because I'm incredibly busy.
    Nah, I just figured that avoiding comment would avoid getting more of it. I've had more than enough "Friday" spam to know the song thoroughly.

    I never really caught on to the My Little Pony fad, but my brother did. I think it's hilarious, as demonstrated.
    Hrm, I'm an on-off archer in real life. Not very good. Not really a hunter though (I can't kill the poor animals for sport. If I was dying of hunger, maybe, but not for fun).
    Meh, Korea. I lived there for a year (last year), and I liked it. I got to go to an International School, so everyone spoke English (thank God. I'm Korean... but Korean's not my language).

    Well, I had a few plane rides in the past 3 years I've had the game. 30 hours (three trips, back and forth) is plenty of time to have them eat a ton of Ramen and stuff from the Pharmacy. It happened while everything else was happening. I ran through the story a few times as well... usually with several months in between. I'd just all of a sudden say, "hey, TWEWY. I should play that again..."
    Slam on! Super Contests... they should do battle-style contests like in the Anime.

    TvTropes is amazing. I'm now Genre Savvy. And all of my villains have read the Evil Overlord List.

    Meh, my Joshy has 999 Bravery, near maxed attack, and near maxed defense. He's really a god now. Just working on the Darklit Planets set for Neku to make my god team.


    Jeju-do is cool. Nifty place. You have to travel by train, it's amazing, way better than air travel or driving. Our seats on the train had a table. A TABLE. And the trains have wi-fi. How cool is that?
    Tin! Pin! Slammer! The Red Slammurai! Black 'n' Blue. "I knew Blue and Pink went together... but not like THAT!"

    I'm good at Tin Pin... reminded me of an old Kirby game. Reaper Creeper... haha, did you open Shadow Ramen? Guide dang it, I didn't until a ton later. You have to refuse to play Reaper Creeper...

    Welp, farming Beat for Dark/Shadow Matter. My Joshua can OHKO him.

    Grandparents (all 4 of em) live in Busan, as do one pair of cousins and aunt+uncle. A bunch of other random members of my clan live in Seoul as well.
    Hrm... As far as I know, Lollipop and Pinky are still alive. I think the sequel should involve another city. I mean, Neku and co. have come back to life, it would be pretty stupid to kill them again and put them through the game. NO, not New York. Too common, somewhere else.

    Pi-Face... my favorite villain. *Crunch*. So zetta slow! You zetta sons of digits! SOHCAHTOA! What the factor took you so long? ATTENTION ALL TASTELESS TETRAHEDRA!

    Any tree can drop an apple, I'll drop the freakin' moon!
    ~What does that mean?
    ~I think he's saying he's better than gravity.

    Ah, zetta shucks. This mic is zetta sexy. Zetta slow! I'll erase you from these spatial coordinates. It's x 4 u 2 die! INVERSE MATRIX! INFINITY! Some Old Horses CAn Hear Their Owners Approach! Sine! Cosine! Tangent!


    And of course; "Shut up and walk dear," ~ Joshua, to Neku.

    Hrm, my family lives in Busan. Seoul... nifty place. I lived in a 60+ story building. With more people than my neighborhood here. The 'burbs and the big city are really different, aren't they...
    Hmm... who's erased? Rhyme was brought back to life, Shiki is alive, Beat's alive, Neku's alive, Mr. Hanekoma (screw him. I hated fighting him) is alive, Joshua's alive. Only background NPCs like Nao and that one guy that's her boyfriend are perma-dead. I was expecting "The World Ends With Wii" or "The World Ends with Two" or "The World Ends With Us". Wait! I think they might make it for the Wii U, with the touch screen controller and all, it could work! "The World Ends With U"!

    Paris Baguettes? Their wannabe. Biiig name brand. You want good bread? Go to OPS.

    1429-6 Jwa-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan
    South Korea

    Best bread ever. Wait... are you going to Busan or Seoul?

    Epic time management skills. I don't play them all at once, I get one, play it, finish it, and then move on. Occasionally returning to a few of my favorites.

    Ace Attorney vs. Layton? NO WAY!? I want. Badly.
    Ahh, TWEWY was great. One of the few really unique RPGs. I really want a sequel... They said something about a 3DS sequel. And my sig... not usually a fan of yaoi pairings, but Neku and Joshua... just too cute.

    LoZ is good, Fire Emblem is good, Ace Attorney is also great. Korea? Ah, I lived in Korea last year. Cool place, the hairdressers serve food! Dunkin Donuts is like, a luxury spot!

    Ahem, anyway, let's see... Devil Survivor and Strange Journey are SMT games for the DS, and they're good... Strange Journey can get difficult in the beginning though. Seriously, the first boss is like, level 16, about one hour into the game. And the random encounters... ugh.
    Mario and Luigi, Bowser's Inside Story is great, hilarious too, Avalon Code... I owned it, and it's actually pretty unique. Anything from Rune Factory and Harvest Moon is also cool. Ah, Rune Factory. Good times. Have you played Advance Wars? Similar to Fire Emblem, but a military theme rather than a medieval one. Requires more strategy than stats and levels, since instead of having several units, you build infantry, planes, tanks, for each level, rather than carrying them over. Professor Layton is also good.

    9 Days, 9 Hours, 9 Persons is cool, kind of dark and murder-y, and a bit disturbing, but cool nonetheless.
    Almost forgot. F.E.A.R.

    And Condemned: Criminal Origins. The manikins... they follow you. Only when your back is turned. When you turn around, they freeze... but... how did they get behind you? How? HOW!?

    And the Suffering. Pitch dark asylum. Only a flashlight. When you hear... the metal detector go off. And you hear the chiming of metal detectors as they get closer!

    For someone who hates horror... I've seen a lot of it... 0.0
    Haha, I hate scary movies too. I watched Saw (forgot which one. There's like, twenty).

    Never going to watch anything to do with Saw again. Never. Oh, god, Saw.

    Scary Movie was alright, since it wasn't really scary, more like a comedy. And Zombie Movies, stuff with just violence, monsters, that stuff doesn't bug me. It's psychological horror, torture... y'know, stuff that's actually close enough to reality to be possible.

    Well, Arkham Asylum is a batman game. Not really scary, more like having a few scenes of weirdness. And Eternal Darkness... it's scarier if you actually have it on your TV. Playing it. Silent Hill... gah. Some things... you can't fight. There's fog, everywhere. How to survive? Turn off your flashlight. Sneak. past. Hope. it. doesn't. see. you. and...
    Shooters? I'm terrible at shooters. I absolutely cannot aim a video game gun. Which is why if I ever do play, I use something with a lot of ammo, and blindly spray bullets in the general direction of my target. I still love 'em though. My friends never let me play on their teams though... T.T

    A scary zombie game... do you know what Eternal Darkness is? A GameCube game. The freakiest. Gamecube. Game. Ever. Perhaps one of the freakiest in general.

    The main character... doesn't meet any enemies for most of the game. But as you go, you keep finding better weapons, and the mansion is all dark and messed up. You think... know that something is going to pop up and KILL you at any moment.

    You go through the storylines of various characters. You have a Health bar, a Magic bar, and a Sanity bar. There are these monsters called Bonethieves, that can hijack bodies and screw with them. They have telltale signs though. If you lose Sanity... regular NPCs... the text makes them sound just like bonethieves. And you can't tell the difference, until you kill them, and find out they were innocent humans.

    If your sanity drops... Sometimes, your head falls off. Sometimes, your controller stops working, including the pause button, especially when you're in a roomful of monsters. Sometimes, it does a fake restart, and tells you all of your save files are gone. It messes with your head.

    Not to mention Arkham Asylum. You're tied to a chair. A gun is to your head. Dodge the bullet... it tells you to tilt the mouse. Or use the middle control stick. Hopelessness...

    Silent Hill is pretty scary too...
    Teddie! Bear-sona! What a Teddie-ous fight!

    Shadow Teddie creeped me out. He was such an innocent little thing... but those eyes. My god, those eyes!!!!!!!!

    ...Umm, bleh. I can't draw things that are alive. Blocks, chairs, staplers, houses, etc. A weird thing is, I can draw a dead dog, that looks okay, but not an alive one. Kinda morbid... but yeah. I've never tried to draw a zombie dog... that might work.

    I do that sometimes. Fail...
    I know... Teddie wasn't bad either. He gets character development too, from the helpless, lost little fella to a fighter, Star Arcana. That's what's great about the Shin Megami Tensei series. Character. Plot. Making you actually care...

    Shinjiro... "Adios *******". Haha, he has the best battle quotes.

    I can't draw. At all... T.T
    How did I forget Naoya? I did his after Amane. Of course, there's Kaido, but his is basically Naoya's path. Mm, Naoya was a badass. Then again, so was Amane. Amane had the impossibly cool robe and flower hat though, which was why her path came first, even though I usually pick Chaos...

    Yuzu is Atsuro's ladyfan. Mitsuru was a good character. I liked Aigis, and Junpei of course.
    I did Gin's ending first. I liked Gin and Haru. Then Yuzu, even though I hated her. Then Amane. Then Atsuro was last. Wait... that's only five. Oh well.
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