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  • hey, where did you get those sprites in your sig? (i got mine from arkeis.com, but they dont have shinies, and the alternate formes dont work when you try to click on their links)
    Oh, I see.

    I'll make a note of that, I've seen several of those users on here lately.
    Do so, they have plenty of updates. Especially in the 5TH gen PRNG help thread.

    Yes, it took me a while to capture that. Updated my sig with the very latest though, which was even easier than that Minccino.
    Disgusting, C-gear abuse is terrible, terrible, terrible. I have no idea how to do it unfortunately. I've heard it's too inconsistent to bother opting for.

    They plan work on 3DS support for standard seed, iirc - so you may want to hold out for that to come.
    It is worth getting Sky.

    The differences may be small but they do improve the experience. The new partners can certainly change things up. All the new starters get a egg move which makes them a better choice over the usual starters (e.g. Mewoth has Hypnosis).

    The ability to play as Shaymin is also great because when you are in the Sky forme you are always moving at double speed. It's like having an Agility boost all the time. There are plenty of other little things in the game that give it that edge over Time.
    hi i've seen some of your sprite and scratch work and was wondering if you could help me out with some. i'm ok at mixing and fusions but i still can't get the hang of scratching. if you could just contact me at my email or messenger because my computer won't let me login on here so i'm doing this on my ps3.
    right now lvl 20.

    Cool quests, I easily obtained 10000 poké. A second episode already played (With YOOM-TAH! Wigglytuff!)

    Wanna have more info?
    Hai! I saw your sig.

    Sky is definetely worth it. I got it in October, a week after it was released, so I'm pretty high leveled now.

    Spinda's Cafe and Kirlia's dungeon are really nice add-ons, recycling and binge drinking can raise your stats, give you rare items and unlock new dungeons and pokemon recruits.

    The Mime Jr's spa is great too, restores your belly, PP, HP, etc for all your team for only $100.

    The new partner/player pokemon are great, and you get an egg move too.

    And the Special Episodes are a fun side-adventure.
    I am thinking about getting PMD Sky, but I already have Time. Are the differences worth it? PM or VM me with your opinions please.

    It's worht it.Really, Sky has got alot more options and more pokemon to be/more partner pokemon. Also there are side-stories (Like Bidoof's wish for example) which you can play too!

    I'm playing it myself right now, I'm just lvl 15 though.
    sorry to keep bugging you man but i really need those badges asap. Have you finished any more of them?
    to quote Walter from Jeff Dunham. Shut the hell up. No- seriously. It's not your thread. It's none of your concern. You're basically spamming/trying to defend someone in a stupid manor.

    And this is humorous because given the fact you completely ignored what I told you, I would assume you'd not give a flying frilly donut, as to what I would say to others.

    So Good Job for spamming.
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