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  • hey have you finished any more of the badges yet? coz i need them soon as the league just opened XD
    hey i say your sprites on the heights thread, looks great! loving the spinda animations :)
    casual clans forum, Legacy League. However that thread is old ijust posted a nw and updated one and am waiting for it to be approved. but all the need 2 know stuff is there.
    A league. Linked with the clan i've just started :) if you're a keen battler we need some gym leaders and members lol
    1) Please, please learn some basic grammar. Your posting is an eyesore. You're not on MSN.
    no ey wel rite teh wai ey whant 2 rite n u kant du enyting cus et mai rite.

    Or basically you're throwing a fit cause of what three words? :/

    And so sorry I didn't realize I had to spell it out. I thought you would get it when I said your unknown ! is to deformed, and that Unknown ! is clearly Parallel, meaning no matter how it twists, turns or curves, it should remotely reflect that.

    Maybe you should stop trying to act less haughty instead :/
    Well evidently you're to lazy to bother to really read what I'm saying, or grasp what I'm telling you and seem to be to proud to try and jump about in bold in a giant block of quote text I cba to really read or take seriously.

    Maybe if you learn to read Shading does not just mean the color of the shades or how light or dark one is you will grasp I mean the persian tail has unchanged shading and when you flipped it, and then compare it to the Porygon Z body and also the head, the shading does NOT match up at all. It's FAR to light compared to how dark the body/head are.

    And fine if you don't want to attempt to improve your shading and I don't mean lol recoloring or changing the colors of existing shading then go on, wallow in your puddle.
    okay, i know this is nothing to do with me, but i just couldnt resist

    Your crit is hardly something to be proud of either.

    Practice. More.
    she gave good crit. way better than you could give anyone

    Practice how to crit more. All you basically said was:

    "That's wrong."

    "That's wrong."

    "That's wrong."

    "Oh, and that's wrong too."
    no she didn't. learn to read

    Nowhere have you said actually how to improve it.
    think you need to re-read her crit
    Meh its fine if they're not serebii league style. makes them more original :) also thanks i really appreciate you sending em the first one.
    hey i saw your shop and you said you'd have a go at anything? would you try and make some gym badges for me?
    Well, there's always the Battle Frontier. Like yesterday, I challenged the Battle Tower out of sheer boredom. Didn't get past Palmer. His Dragonite T-waved my Porygon-Z while it Nasty Plotted. Then it used some other move and KOed it. THen my Weavile OHKOed it with Ice Punch, took out half of Rhyperior's move with same move, and fell to its Earthquake. Lucario KOed it with Aura Sphere, took out almost half of Milotic's health with it, and fell to Surf.
    None that I'm aware of, unfortunately. There are Glitch Pokemon in Platinum, but they're unavailable without cheating devices, and so unstable that it's usually not worth the effort anyway.
    I should also mention that I find with auras, if we look at the aura of someone whom is random, or just kinda crazy, in some way, they don't have one set color that is there all the time.
    A good example would be a friend of mine, or even myself. My friend, she is random, her emotions can be strange, like she can be happy, and sad at the same time. I've noticed, and she has mentioned it, that she is always happy, even when sad.
    For me, things can be uncertain, I feel that my aura, would be like the aurora borealis, the colors change often, it's all a bit, complicated.
    I also should mention, that with dark auras, or certain auras, they can be like tendrils, not waves, lashing out instead of flowing.
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