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  • Ah ok! I don't mind horror :) seen Higurashi but got a bit bored when watching the 2nd series... Ah yeah I've seen AIR, it was pretty good :)

    Ooh I was looking at FLCL, now that you've said its only 6 eps I will give it a watch! The only series I've watched with more than 50 eps is Kyou Kara Maou! because its so easily to watch for light entertainment and I love the charas, plus you don't have to keep an eye on the plot XD Yeah filler's a bum... You should watch Gakutsuou: the Count of Monte Cristo, not an ounce of filler from beginning to end and the art is gorgeous, reminds me a little of that Mononoke you suggested but it has some (not too great) CG too, plus its only 24 eps long. Ah yeah, you can only drag a story out for so long before it gets boring I guess! Unless its truly spectacular.
    Oh awesome thanks :D Will definitely check out Speed Grapher as an aspiring photographer myself ^___^ Also, just searched Mononoke and *wow* at the art, looks exactly like my kind of thing! Is it worth checking out the one it was a spin off of? I considered Clannad after noticing it was recommended a lot, but was a little put off by the "big eyes" art, sure I'll be able to get over that if its a good as people say though!

    Ah yeah totally agree, films and short series (13 eps) are best for me because I always have to watch it all in one go instead of sleeping etc.! Plus what you said about filler, bad times! Never seen Bleach and not seen much Naruto because the sheer size of the series is off putting...

    Thanks for the suggestions anyways *thumbs up*
    That's ok! ^____^ Ah cool... and true XD I'm looking for a new series to watch, any recommendations?
    well.. I've been looking for it for quite some time..
    Hoping no shiny Zubat would appear.. but thank goodness shiny Spheal appeared instead.
    Thanks for the congrats!

    what shinies you gotten?
    lmao no problem. I came up with this name, when i was making a youtube account. I knew Atreyu would be taken. and no one likes numbers after it, like Atreyu321.
    yeah cause unfortunately there are people like that guy they 'killed' got nothing better to do than grief people Dx

    Experienced it first hand- level 20. Level 70 ally abusing a glitch. Basically he goes player vs player, he sets a snake trap, snake trap is triggered by npc. SNAKES GO FOR YOU AND IF YOU ATTACK THEM YOU GO PVP.

    And then get oneshot.

    But er yeah it was a good parody, I was laughing too.

    Some was a bit lol tho mostly blizzard actually caring about its players 8D
    tbh I was just laughing my *** off cause, this was the best they could do to insult WoW players, pictures of pastey white people, porn and insulting people if they dared to play a game and have fun- no matter how ****ed up some hard core people are?

    T-thank you! n_n Yea, gotta love how that strip really shows the real Russia, then along with his everyday mask he makes for a great character. It's really hard to pass by a character that has that harsh history. He certainly stands out from the other countries for his actual insanity. :D;;;;; Better then France's perverted insanity, am I right? ._.
    I have two shiny absols, the one I love and battle with is a random encounter, and the other is a chained on with a horrible nature. My first one was the random one and when I saw it I had a heart attack and the first word out of my mouth was YEEEEAAAAHH!... ( what im trying to say is I was excited.) theres nothing better than a suprise shiny.
    Thanks, Ariados is an awsome shiny. wish I got one. My Absol(named Omen) is my fav. of my pokes. not only is it a shiny I EV trained it to be my best competative battler.
    Yeah. But the WoW player troll they tried was hilarious, from what I bothered to look at. Trolling pron pictures and oh if you play Tauren ur a fur*** or if you play an orc ur whiter than white!!!!.


    And yeah.

    The basic plot isn't. Aslong as you remove all of the horrors Meyer's done.

    But you know what's sad?
    I haven't watched it yet.

    I don't want to. I saw 2 minutes of the damn thing and it scared me off. D:
    It was like that for every Pokemon you found on the game. Though having a shiny Crobat with Fateful Encounter still looks pretty sweet. *w*

    Calling her Sparklebat just sounds wierd now, 'cos even though I tried forcing myself to call her that, it's just way too cool to call her SPACK-ULL-BAAAATTTT.
    iloveher tho~
    It's horrible, and the fakemon sprites were the fugliest things I've ever seen. Spaklebat has Fateful Encounter as her location, which sucks... :/ They programmed it that way..

    But I found her in a real location, though (Mt. Moon), so I'm thankful for that. ;3
    I still enjoy her having her name the way it is. I wouldn't change it if I could, because it gives her personality! 8D
    ...Pokemon Chaos Black ;o;

    Lol. Some noob on the club asked me why I play roms. They did a one-liner and a double post all at the same time. That takes skillz. |D

    Lol. Imagine...
    A picture of a shiny Crobat, and then...

    This is SPAKLEBAT. Even five years after finding her, I lol hard at my terrible spelling mistake. Poor SPAKLEBAT feels insecure and self-conscious...

    Let this be a message to you all. Make sure you name your shinies carefully. o:
    >DD I know, rite? She cracks me up too. I can't send her out without having a giggle about her name.

    But I found her on a rom hack, and traded her to a Fire Red game, and deleted the rom hack ('cuz it sucked anyway). I'd gotten a good way through the game, and then I looked at her stats and didn't feel that something was right.

    Then I was like, "OMG ITS MISSING AN "R" GODDAMIT"
    orz She was my second 3rd gen shiny (so about 5 years old), so her name is VEEERY original. ;o;
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