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  • Ohoho, not yet. But chances are he'll be making an appearance soon. The only JoJo character I've featured until now is Midler, of all people.
    Hahaha really... >:)
    I post on several anime forums and no one has ever bothered me the same way you have. And other people think Naruto is manly as well.
    Well I didn't read it. But not allowing certain characters doesn't seem right.
    Then certain people opinions are void.
    But isn't the point of the thread to discuss who people think are manly, it's really all personal opinion. And it seams that if someone has a different opinion than you it's a bad thing.
    Well I don't know how old you are but I'm a 17 year old girl so my opinion is very different.
    That's not really a reason to ban someone...
    Well Naruto was like that in the begining but has matured.
    Who's the other guy you're talking about? He sounds familiar...
    Wow. I never thought I find a Touhou fan in a Pokemon forum! The world is small indeed...

    By the way, have you unlocked the card Fantasy Heaven in UNL?
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