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Recent content by Tokyo Oranges

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    Pokemon Five-Man-Band

    Noes! It will enhance your life, don't listen to these blatant lies! Ehem, uh anyway, My 5 man band (based on my current Emerald Team) •The Hero — Swampert •The Lancer — Breloom •The Smart Guy — Gardevoir •The Big Guy — Camerupt •The Chick — Swellow • 6th Ranger — Raichu
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    What pokémon would live where you live?

    Hmm, well, I'm smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin, sooo, I'd probably be finding the following Stantler/Deerling/Sawsbuck sunkern/sunflora Shroomish/breloom hopip family Roselia family Pachirisu, Rattata/Raticate/ the occasional teddiursa/ursaring/Pikachu, /Meowth/Persian/lilllipup...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Eh, I never tried dash, but trozei was an odd one, I Couldn't get over the art style. But I Can't say i actually hated it, it was just odd... Also, Ranger was rather frustrating, considering I was playing it on an emulator...
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    D'awww! Now, I really, really want to give Kyurem a hug! <3
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    Official "What is your Team?" Thread

    On my Fire red I've got Wartortle Primape Raichu Emerald I believe is, Sceptile Grumpig Delcatty
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    NaNoWriMo 2011: Are you up to the challenge?

    I'm gonna be doing it this year. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing, but, I've got a few ideas in mind.
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    *gigglesnort* when you mentioned Hilbert as a magical girl, I got an amazingly hilarious image of Hilbert in a Sailor Senshi outfit, AND LOVING IT! Anyway, great chapter as always.
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    Digimon V+

    Ari watched, terrified as her digimon did not resurface Patamon had already taken off and tried to attack the digimon that had begun to attack them, but the balls of air he was shooting at It seemed to do little to it. The creature bent down so it’s yellow masked face was feet from their heads...
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    Digimon V+

    Chapter Eight - Moving on “Goodbye Butterflymon.” Ari said as the group prepared to leave. “Thanks, For everything.” “No problem.” She said “Good luck, you’re going to need it.” She watched as Patamon lead them down the path towards the river. She couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling in the...
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    Digimon V+

    Chapter Seven - Ambush Their training went on like that for several days. Their routine varied, sometimes they would be chopping firewood, other times they would be repairing the roof of the temple or other chores. Though through it, they grew closer together and learned to work together...
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    Digimon V+

    Chapter Six - Training “Alright everybody, time to get up, C’mon LET’S MOVE!” Butterflymon cried, sliding the doors of their rooms open with a loud snap. Kenta sat up groggily and glanced over at his twin, who, despite the early hour seemed quite awake, Ryudamon on the other hand was...
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    Digimon V+

    Chapter Five - The Resistance A while later they came across a large Shinto temple. What looked to be a small orange and white gerbil-like creature was flying towards them. “Butterflymon!” he cried, “Welcome back, are these the humans?” He asked as he landed in front of them...
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    Digimon V+

    Chapter Four - Butterflymon Katimon barely managed to dodge the jet of blue flames that Garurumon shot at her, diving to the ground as the wolf’s lithe form soared over her. “Katimon! Are you okay?” Ari cried. “I’m fine.” Katimon muttered getting to her feet. Garurumon snarled...
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    Digimon V+

    AN: Phew, I finally found the flash drive that I had this on. Anyway, here's chapter Three of Digimon V+ - - - - Chapter Three - The Assassins The two assassins that Katimon had mentioned were currently sitting in a tree. The fox was named Kitsunemon. She had ragged dark fur that might...
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    Autumn Friendly

    hmm... If the wi-fi at my college behaves, I might enter, though I'm quite failtastic at competitive. That and I need to make up a team besides my Mienshao...