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  • If you ever see this, know that I am fully prepared to eat crow over Orangeshipping.

    ....as depressed as I am about it.
    Holy ****.

    I've been fine, just had a lot of college stuff to worry about. My time on this forum has plummeted due to me leaving the Pokemon fandom for the most part, but I spend time in the Nintendo discussions. How's life for you?
    But I dun drink champagne D: Dr. Pepper please.

    And damn, it's been that long? XD And the anniversary of two twins friending each other is indeed a momentous occasion =D.

    Let's hope so. And let's hope even further that you'll be able to get a MSN sometime soon. I, along with a load of other people, want to see you in our chats soon XD
    Yes the Pearlshippers may argue that the events of February may reappear in some form here, but that would be backward thinking. The issue there was NOT shipping preference but instead refered to the posting habits and behaviours of some of the newer regulars. I know for a fact the person who "outed" the situation has since become on very good terms with several of the Pearlshippers involved, so there is no remaining grudges over the situation that occured.
    It took me a while to actually figure out what you were talking about XD

    Both her and CyberCubed were able to carry a strong and tight debate which never descended into disarray.
    You sure you read that the whole way through? At least to when the thread was revived for the Sinnoh hints.

    I agree that no debate against Poke could possibly be held to any success at this point in time. It's been too long and all the possible arguments have been done to death
    Awwww, come oooonnnnn......=p
    Lurking is always better. You learn the ropes easier than if you fool-heartedly charged into the forums.

    I think the first year is always the hardest, because you're new to the kind of thing. From there, it's easier.
    I discovered this site around late 2007. Twas a nice experience XD.

    I'm just glad I transferred campuses. Now I have to pay about a sixth of what I would have had to at the old campus. And my financial aid loan covers it all, AND I get money in my pocket. Great semester coming up for me.
    I've been here for almost a year. I almost feel like a veteran :D

    Icicle was to help me. But irl things crashed on me just as I decided to take the reigns for the awards. I don't want to make the same mistake again this semester, especially since I'm just covering core classes this semester, so I decided to relinquish it. Ah, poor game. Maybe you can resuscitate it later this year.
    It's only been a month. Not as long compared to other times.

    I gave up on the member awards. I'll let someone else take care of it.
    Her absence may not indicate she isn't a coordinator, but it by no means guarantees she is one.

    Well, as long as they don't pull the same thing at the league, I'll be content.

    Really? I need to watch the anime better. But at least I know Weezing hasn't been seen since. It's been owned by only two trainers even.

    Even if it is anime, I will go with everyone getting a growth spurt, instead of Tracey shrinking. 8D

    Yeah. Let's see if she comes back onto the forums though.
    Soul does not represent the DP series. So I can't imagine her in there.

    Which leaves one to wonder why the writers would make it happen now, if they had a nice streak beforehand.

    Actually, I don't think Koffing or Ekans have been seen since A Poached Ego; I know for a fact Weezing hasn't.

    The anime made an anime-spawned character shorter and younger than he originally was? wut? =P

    She's fine; she just hasn't been near the internet for a few months. I invited her in a chat two days ago, but she only said about one or two things.
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