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  • DARN IT.

    try this:



    All in good fun
    Ahhhh, school did it in for ya?

    I can't takes high school and video games that well together?

    So guessed which one i dropped?
    highschool video games.

    But i never gave up pokymanz.
    I just started EV training again.
    Hopefully i'll have some type of team ready to take on the many leagues of this forum!

    Oh, i'm awaiting HG/SS too.
    Platinum is worth getting only if you are willing to take Sinnoh's story line AGAIN, but with a more exciting aray of pokemon.

    Probably worth it, though.
    OYu'll need the platinum events to fully enjoy the experience, though.
    Ahhhhhh, i seriously though you played pokemon to a competitive standpoint.

    You came back for pokemon, or games all together?
    Like, the cream filled puff balls, or the MONSTEROUS apple pie?

    Mines like, a overstuffed baked potato (which is about half way in between the stuffed scale.)
    well what events do you have? ;)
    also, i'll be on wifi tomorrow around 2 pm (eastern time), but i'll be trading with two other people, too, so there may be a wait.

    UT uxie
    not UT uxie lvl 100
    giratina - adamant lvl. 100
    groudon - adamant lvl. 60
    UT(if lvl. 40 is the encounter level) latias (caught in master ball) - calm lvl. 40
    delibird - jolly lvl. 32
    UT raticate - careful lvl. 51
    UT electrike - brave lvl. 7
    UT poliwhirl - gentle lvl. 36
    UT gyrados - modest lvl. 30
    japanese articuno - serious lvl. 100
    UT vibrava - gentle lvl. 54
    infernape - adamant lvl. 50
    aggron - sassy lvl. 49
    altaria (nicknamed Altario by it's OT) - quiet lvl. 100
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