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  • I meant messed up in a good way. Not many series' have teenagers murdering each other and going insane. It's a very excellent anime, well done, keeps you guessing the whole time.
    That taser bit was awesome. xD I wonder where she puts that thing.
    The next OVA comes out on March 25th on DVD if I remember correctly~. :D
    I dislike any emulator other then the Visual Boy.

    I own every game I've ever played on an emulator(Pokemon Emerald- Moemon hack and Harvest Moon DS Cute - japanese version..Also Pokemon Diamond),so it's technically legal,but emulators are fun for Pokemon games.
    You don't have to delete your files.

    Though,I don't play emulators anymore,they're no fun.

    This topic is against the rules?...
    Pervert, I bet that male nidoran trap turns you on .
    So pretty much Higurashi is like a spinoff to Umineko? xD Since if the two witches hadn't decided to play a game, Hinamizawa would cease to exist?

    I play the sound novels so I know. :D I'm waiting for episode 4 to be translated.

    I just call her Lamb.

    I know. >< Well...it is like the 80's there so the style....or it was a punishment game result. xD
    (continued from other post)

    I think there will be more as the rest of the arcs go on. xD

    If I remember correctly there's going to be 8 Umineko no Naku Koro ni Sound Novels. The 4th is the end of the question arc and so 5th one on are the answer arcs. :D I can't wait to find out the answers!

    Yeah I saw the site. :O Keiichi shot was ew. DX The arc that is featured there is a prelude to Saikoroshi-hen if I remember correctly.


    That was long. xD
    Well...actually it does have something to do with Higurashi even though it has a different story plot.

    Higurashi was really a game between the two witches, "Frederica vs. Lambdadelta". The BAD ENDs are Frederica losing to Lambdaedelta and the GOOD ENDs are Frederica winning against Lambdaedealta. Second paragraph

    There are more references than that. Like in episode 3, Frederica threatening Lambdadelta that she'll tell her the real culprit in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, the use of the word Kakera in the episode 3 tea party (since those refer to the alternate worlds and such like in Higurashi), Tsurupettan song in episode 2 (with Rena emote thing flying across the screen), Frederica saying Ni-pah at the end to encourage us to continue on our quest, and Okonogi is in episode 4 but as some rich market person).

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