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  • Same here. Though, I do check things out here from time to time. Good place to trade pokemon sometimes.
    At least not yet there isn't, only Turf Wars, where ink coverage is the only thing that matters. But I hear August is going to be big for the game with releasing stuff!
    The games are VERY fast paced which is something I like. I think the rounds are 2 1/2 minutes or 3 minutes long. To get into the next battle it goes right when you get 8 players so you can probably get three games in ten minutes if you don't have people disconnecting or taking a long time to get connected!
    I think so! I didn't think I'd enjoy it (my bf came home with it one night and I was like meh, and then I couldn't stop playing!) They've been coming out with a lot of free DLC too so that's fun! (One map and 2 weapons already!) It gets frustrating when you have people who think kills matter on your team though. The amount of ink wins the game and these people just go for kills lol
    I am just here to tell you guys that I haven't quit the forums, I am just becoming more of a ghost. I just spectate all of the discussions now, and rarely participate, however, if you send me a PM/VM, I will be sure to reply! Thanks!
    I can see where you are coming from, although I don't really agree. For me personally, the games have never been hard during the main storyline (the only reason I found them harder when I was younger was because I was less experienced then), the challenge for me comes later during the post-game with Battle Facilities and (if I feel like it) online battling, among other things. So if they are making the games easier during the main storyline, it doesn't really affect me on the large scale. I do agree about the post-games though, I thought B/W and B/W2 had wonderful post-games with a ton of well-executed content, the post-game in X/Y felt like a huge step down in comparison.
    Yeah, I saw that it had been a few days since you were last online. And honestly, I feel as if the forums on the whole has died quite a lot in the recent past, which is sad to see. Either way, your loss of interest for Pokemon is pretty much understandable, as sad as it feels to say. My interest for the series has also gone down a bit lately (but I am keeping it alive because speaking from past experiences, being completely out of interest for Pokemon was one of the worst parts of my life). As you might know, Generation 5 is my favorite and I don't really feel that Gen 6 is living up to it, so I am having mixed feelings about the current state of the series. A bit sad that you aren't even interested in getting OR/AS though, I had always thought you would get them eventually, no matter what. But as you say, taking a break from the series might be a good thing in the end (it really was for me back when that happened). I saw all that regarding Mega Flygon, and I actually think they had a pretty good reason for not including it. If they couldn't come up with a good design for it, then it was better to just leave it be for now. Maybe we'll see one in the next Gen 6 games or in Gen 7.

    Sounds good! I'd better practice some more then as well. I don't think this weekend will work though as I will be away from late Friday to mid-Sunday, so I guess we'll have to wait a little longer.
    Hey tomatohater. It has been a while since we last spoke. I hope you are doing well.
    Thought I should let you know one thing. As you might remember, we talked about Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U a while back. I told you then that I would likely not get the game for 3DS. But after that, I learned that the two versions of the game has some exclusive stages, which made me change my mind as I want to be able to take part of all possible content from them. So I ended up getting the 3DS version of the game anyway (and if I ever get a Wii U, I will get that version as well). Just thought I should let you know that. If you also have the game, we could have a battle or so. Though I really don't consider myself a good Smash player so it is very likely that I'll lose xD
    Yea! I've been super busy lately and sick for like 2+ weeks so I've been a bit quiet lol. How have you been?
    Haha well at least they know that! That's sucky though. It's great to have friends that know about computers so when something bad happens...they can help you! My HD died a few months back and I wasn't sure if it was the hard drive or something else because it just said SATA drive removed. But it was and I had to buy a new hard drive (bought a faster one instead of a TB hard drive - so I sacrificed 250GB of space for 7200 RPM lol) and he taught me how to install it myself! Gaming PC's are on the rise though, so I'm sure there is a few people around - just haven't met them yet lol!
    Yeah, lol I did a certification course in computer information and technology a while back. I've always excelled in computer courses in high school too (did real bad in fashion marketing though :'D I'm so good a being a girl /sarcasm lol.) I mean, I'm no expert in computers that's for sure but I understand the hardware that goes into making a computer run and a computer run good for gaming. I have two good friends that build computers too so eventually when I have the money to buy a good computer, I'm going to have them teach me putting them together.
    I want one too because damn wouldn't it be nice to just be able to buy things lol. (like that new 3ds or even a wii u~~!) And that sucks, I hope you find something. That's one of the worst things to go through when trying to get a job. Fortunately I live like a mile away from a big grocery store/dollar store/wendy's and a couple away from a wawa (which is a gas station and a small convenience store lol I realize not many people know about Wawa - It's like a Quick Chek or a 7/11 with a gas station haha)
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