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Last Activity:
Aug 21, 2019
Feb 16, 2012
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October 30
Final Destination
Professional Breather and Watching TV-er

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Golden Sun 4?, from Final Destination

tomatohater was last seen:
Aug 21, 2019
    1. redrunner89
      I will add you tonight when I get home from work
    2. redrunner89
      My FC is in my sig, please give me yours and we're good
    3. Klaus™
      Hey, i was going to post in your rmt fixing everything up, but ill just end up changing everything around instead, essentially just giving you a new team. Instead, i strongly recommend this link to work on your team building skills etc etc.
    4. ZoRk
      Yeah it looks really cool not gonna evolve it to trevenant as of now, BTW a friend being online doesn't increase the chance of finding a shiny in safari as far as i know i got all my shiny Pokemon while being offline.
    5. dayvee
      Battery will shortly go, so I'll stay on for as long as it lasts :D
    6. dayvee
      On now :)!
    7. dayvee
      Added. Mines 3668-8548-4424
    8. ZoRk
      And btw i got the shiny phantumb ;D not from safari but via MM 93 eggs ^^
    9. ZoRk
      Ah now i understand ^^", its from a random guy on other forum FC we added each other and his safari happened to have eevee
    10. ZoRk
      what eevee fs ?o.O
    11. Kalosian
      Nice. I haven't found a single shiny in 6th gen yet... but speaking of Larvesta, I am training one right now as I need to add Volcarona to my Pokedex.

      Quite soon then, at the time of this post. I'm going to battle a little in the Subway first but I should be available 20 minutes from now and forward.

      Edit: I am ready! Whenever you get online, just tell me. I'll wait.

      Edit2: Really got to go now, sorry. But I'll check back once more in 20-30 minutes.

      Edit3: I have to go to bed now. We can try again tomorrow or another day. And I apologize if this message looks weird when you finally see it.
    12. Kalosian
      Congrats on the Larvesta! How did you get it?

      I'll check the forums as often as I can today too, just tell me if you can trade today. If not... no big deal! :)
    13. Kalosian
      Exactly. I wish all the whining would just stop, but I know that it will never happen. Maybe a bit embarassing to say now, but I can feel somewhat guilty about it myself since I really disliked HG/SS (but I loved FR/LG) and I grew up with the Gen I & II games. I wish Game Freak would stop listening to the whining fans and keep making new (good) games instead, that is what they do best.

      I'm going to bed now, but we can talk more tomorrow, and make the trade as well if you have time for it.
    14. Cherche
      From what I've been hearing, it was most likely trolling or flaming.
    15. Kalosian
      Correct. I'll never understand why many Pokemon fans want their childhood brought back by remaking games that won't bring back anything. Once R/S/E are remade (if it happens), people will want D/P/P remakes soon after. And so the cycle continues...
    16. Kalosian
      No problem.

      Your school situation sounds extreme... I don't think I ever had that much homework at any time. I wish you the best of luck with it and I really understand that you must focus on school a lot.

      Also, about this:

      Exactly like me!

      I grew up with Gen III and Gen IV! I can still remember when everybody hated them , but now they have grown tremendously in popularity!
      I also remember when everybody hated Gen III & IV and loved Gen I & II, now Gen III & IV are getting praised, and Gen V gets all the hate. Time sure flies...
    17. Kalosian
      No, it's fine. I don't see any problems with it. I have been in many similar situations before, and all of them ended happily with a trade :)

      And it's near 12 PM for me... which means you live somewhere west of me. Cool.
    18. Kalosian
      Don't worry about it, it's all okay. Really sad to hear that your 3DS died, I hope it still works.

      Late for you too? I'm guessing we live in the same time zone or at least close to each other regarding time zones since it is late for me as well. We'll try again tomorrow evening, don't worry. I apologize if it has been sounding like I am rushing you, that wasn't my intention at all.
    19. Kalosian
      So, I see that you are online now. Are you able to trade?
    20. Kalosian
      Yeah, we'll try again today. I'll try to check the forums often, let me know when you are available :)
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    October 30
    Final Destination
    Professional Breather and Watching TV-er
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    My own random made-up phrase:

    From one's stupidity, there is lots to be learnt...

    Ponder on that for a moment...


    Steven is my Favourite Character from the Pokemon Series, whom of which I have now officially CLAIMED, as well as (Pokemon Sapphire~ not anymore) Golden Sun GBA and Mudkip (Who I herd u liek)!

    I've got Animal Crossing: New Leaf now, and I've been hooked on it for ages! If you wanna visit my Town, give me a shout!

    I am going to 100% complete Azran Legacies on the 3DS!

    I'm always up for Mario Kart 7 or Kid Icarus: Uprising Online Multiplayer if you want a game!

    My 3DS Fc is: 0318-6477-1153, and my Friend Safari Type is Fairy!

    I'ma just waiting for MK 8 and SSB 4

    Epic Serebii People:

    Kirby: The person I have been having a blast with as of late! Extremely funny and has a great attitude! Very glad I met her :D

    Sylpheon: The second nicest person I have met on here. Really helpful and great to have a laugh with! She will try her hardest to help you if you have a problem too! The best person on here? I think so!

    Psynergy: A really helpful guy. If you don't understand something Nintendo then he's your man! Also, he likes Golden Sun and Fire Emblem and SSB and Zelda and Pokemon, so he is automatically epic (especially Golden Sun and Fire Emblem)!

    pikaskipper- Funny and a nice guy to talk to! He is also a great artist!

    Canada- We soooooooooooooooooo random

    Tiffany- Best SMod? Yep, all there is to it!

    Archangel Aramda- We talk and stuff, so we cool and gangsta and stuffs

    Winter02: A massive contributor in helping me complete my PokeDex! I owe him sooo badly!

    The stories of the past are only told by the victors, not the ones who fell...

    Gaming, mostly Nintendo though!