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My own random made-up phrase:

From one's stupidity, there is lots to be learnt...

Ponder on that for a moment...


Steven is my Favourite Character from the Pokemon Series, whom of which I have now officially CLAIMED, as well as (Pokemon Sapphire~ not anymore) Golden Sun GBA and Mudkip (Who I herd u liek)!

I've got Animal Crossing: New Leaf now, and I've been hooked on it for ages! If you wanna visit my Town, give me a shout!

I am going to 100% complete Azran Legacies on the 3DS!

I'm always up for Mario Kart 7 or Kid Icarus: Uprising Online Multiplayer if you want a game!

My 3DS Fc is: 0318-6477-1153, and my Friend Safari Type is Fairy!

I'ma just waiting for MK 8 and SSB 4

Epic Serebii People:

Kirby: The person I have been having a blast with as of late! Extremely funny and has a great attitude! Very glad I met her :D

Sylpheon: The second nicest person I have met on here. Really helpful and great to have a laugh with! She will try her hardest to help you if you have a problem too! The best person on here? I think so!

Psynergy: A really helpful guy. If you don't understand something Nintendo then he's your man! Also, he likes Golden Sun and Fire Emblem and SSB and Zelda and Pokemon, so he is automatically epic (especially Golden Sun and Fire Emblem)!

pikaskipper- Funny and a nice guy to talk to! He is also a great artist!

Canada- We soooooooooooooooooo random

Tiffany- Best SMod? Yep, all there is to it!

Archangel Aramda- We talk and stuff, so we cool and gangsta and stuffs

Winter02: A massive contributor in helping me complete my PokeDex! I owe him sooo badly!

The stories of the past are only told by the victors, not the ones who fell...

Gaming, mostly Nintendo though!
October 30
Final Destination
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