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  • I'm still kinda late xD haha. I've been slowing down on pokemon the passed couple of weeks since every time I play I'm getting headaches ;-;
    And that's great! Finally being able to build a PC is a good feeling - that I do no have since I'm using a gaming laptop lol, but one day I'd like to build one too!

    Life is meh tbh lol. Looking for a job but getting yelled at by my dad that I use any excuse to not get a job.. If I don't want to work at a specific place apparently that is an excuse?? Like no. I just DONT want to work for *insert company* -.- and it was one company! It's not like I say it for multiple things. He is just infuriating.
    Yea I mainly stick with Ludwig but sometimes I will use Lemmy to switch it up a bit. Only Lemmy for worldwide battles though since he's not really that great for races. I like Tanooki Mario too for some reason.
    What's your controller of choice? I use the Wii U Pro so the controls are pretty much the same as every other MK game.
    I'm actually not that great at it so I usually do worldwide battle and screw around by riding cars on Toad's Turnpike and getting stuck on boost pads before gliding sections and just doing unlimited tricks in one spot.
    We should totally do Smash or MK8. I'm more into MK8 than Smash but either games are good fun.
    Same, I'm really shy in real life and never speak to people unless I either have to or if it is someone I know well. But I do like getting to know new people, I'm just bad at it.

    I understand. Good that you have stayed unspoiled on some things regarding the games, would probably have done the same if I had been more interested in them. Though I did decide to not spoil myself for the story as that is one thing I hate being spoiled on for all and any games that have a story. Hope you will have fun with AS once you get it and that it can restore your interest in the series. Your plan on getting a new PC sounds really good too, getting a good gaming PC is something I have thought about as well but will have to wait until the future at the moment, I'm not really in a rush for it as I don't play that much on PC and got a new non-gaming one last year which works fine for most things I do.
    I'm good just haven't been on the forums in awhile cause I'm on Destiny a lot, kinda miss battling and trading but destiny takes a lot more time grinding for everything than pokemon does, besides soft resetting that is, I have always had such a small attention spand for SR but its worse than ever for me now :/
    The gimmick is just the selecting process for the characters. Characters like Shulk and Mario who already had someone pick them can no longer be used by anyone else in future rounds.
    It's mainly a gimmick to make things slightly more interesting without being incredibly disruptive for more serious players.
    Hey there. I'm quite good at the moment, hope you are doing well too. It has been the same with my activity at times in the past, sometimes I just never felt like posting anything and was rarely online, but right now I am in a quite active phase. If there is something you want to talk about or if you see me online, don't be afraid to send me a message :) I'm always ready to talk about stuff but I'm terrible at starting conversations myself :/
    Yeah, I'll usually read it on mobile and then go to reply on my laptop in the morning but forget!
    And aw, I'm sorry to hear that :/ It really sucks when a family pet passes away. It's a very sad time.
    I can relate, our family dog of 18 years passed away about a month ago.. He suffered from seizures also
    thought out his lifetime, but old age got to him first.
    They can be your guardian angel now though :)
    dammit >< I always think I reply back to you and I didn't! I'm super sorrt :<
    glad to hear you got the mouse you wanted though :3
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