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  1. tomatohater

    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    I'm personally just glad that it looks like Isaac may finally have his time to shine. Been clamouring for a new game for years so it's a relief that the series might see some form of recognition.
  2. tomatohater

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Just started ORAS for the first time, a bit late I know, but I've been in a Pokemon slump and focusing on other things. However, I still adore gen 3, and the remakes are fairly faithful to the originals bar a few little things I've noticed. Hopefully going to SR Latios when I encounter it in...
  3. tomatohater

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    Only thing I'm hoping it isn't is Kanto remakes. Personally I don't like the region much at all, and definitely wouldn't be interested in buying them. The only exception for me would be if they had Johto paired with it (like HGSS, but reversed I guess, starting in Kanto and going to Johto)...
  4. tomatohater

    "Unloved" Pokemon

    Spinarak is an underrated Pokemon that I think deserves some more love. I think it is really adorable and even though it is frail, I still can't help but love its design. Also, it has arguably one of the best shiny sprites out of all 900+ Pokemon. Seriously, check it out! c:
  5. tomatohater

    Are you still active?

    Are you still active?
  6. tomatohater

    Nintendo Direct Thread

    Is it confirmed to be purely about ARMS or could it have some other information as well. Likely they will be saving most of the new games etc. for the Treehouse stuff next month, but I'm still hopeful for something new, seeing as I'm not that bothered about ARMS.
  7. tomatohater

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Got my Shiny Yanma after about 200 eggs so I'm happy. It is Timid with x/x/31/31/31/31 so very pleased. Probably just going to keep it as a trophy shiny because I've wanted one for years c: Just wondering if anyone has a Scrappy Tailow I can use for my next MM on X? Thanks c:
  8. tomatohater

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Sorry to hear what you've been through, but I'm glad you're moving on now! Good luck with Zorua c: I managed to get my Shiny Lotad today. Random nature and IV's, but I've always wanted one for a trophy shiny. Got it via MM with over 200 eggs. Relatively fast MM for me considering the...
  9. tomatohater

    Favorite Sinnoh Pokémon

    Some of my favourite Pokemon from D/P/Pt are: Staraptor, Mothim, Leafeon, Glaceon, Gliscor, Darkrai and Shaymin Sky Form. Out of all of them I'm inclined to say Staraptor is my favourite because I have always used it on every Gen 4 Playthrough and used it a lot competitively in Gen 6. Reckless...
  10. tomatohater

    Best Cities And Towns in Sinnoh?

    I love Canalave and it's library, and the music and atmosphere of Snowpoint. Also, Jubilife has a great soundtrack and Hearthome is just cosy! Out of all of them though, I'd say Snowpoint is my favourite.
  11. tomatohater

    Favorite Hoenn Pokemon

    Flygon and Milotic have been on my favourites for a while now, with Flygon being my favourite of all time. Really love it's design, especially its goggle-things, and even though it is the best in comp., I still love using it. Glad it finally got Dragon Dance in Gen 7.
  12. tomatohater

    Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Hardware - SOURCE ALL NEWS/RUMORS

    Obviously the table might not be accurate, but ~16 million excluding fed. force, which is about what Sun and Moon alone are at right now, and this is for about 20 years of Metroid games.
  13. tomatohater

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Currently just doing MM for a trophy shiny Lotad. Not bothered about nature/IV's, just always wanted one since I love the sprite. After that I will go for a Shiny Yanma because that has also been one of my long term shiny wants c: Good luck everyone!
  14. tomatohater

    congrats in the 2 shinies, maybe see if you can do 3 in 3 days? :o

    congrats in the 2 shinies, maybe see if you can do 3 in 3 days? :o
  15. tomatohater

    Heya, random question but do you have other art drawn by yourself? I've loved all of your...

    Heya, random question but do you have other art drawn by yourself? I've loved all of your signatures drawings over the years and was wondering if there was a place where I could see them all, and don't worry I'm not gonna steal them or anything cx Just really love your artwork c: