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  • Did nobody respond? That's a pity. Well, at least I'm watching over.

    You can do several things. Replace Ferrothorn with Forretress or replace Jellicent with Starmie. By doing so, you keep a defensive role, but with Rapid Spin. They sorta function the same, but yeah, Ferrothorn and Jellicent are a bit more reliable at walling that Forretress and Starmie; they just lack Rapid Spin. Another option is to use Tentacruel over Jellicent, who provides about the same special bulk and physical bulk at the cost of Recover/Taunt/Will-O-Wisp. At the very least, it can Toxic Spikes/Spin/Scald/Sludge Bomb. Otherwise... there isn't many viable options.

    I guess you can see how having 2 Water-types go? Jellicent + Starmie/Tentacruel could... work? Electric + Grass is resisted by Ferrothorn so that's cool. Well, Haxorus too for that matter, and Volcarona dual resists Grass. Yeah, 2 Water-types can act as a Grass-type lure to get your main sweepers in. Not a bad idea!
    Here, let me link you here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=12472369#post12472369

    You can probably get help from other users with what Pokemon you should choose for your team. Just don't repost a new thread for that question, okay? Good luck!

    In fact, you can probably just copy/paste your original sentence and post it in the thread I mentioned above. It'll be fine.

    "so far i have a Haxorus Ferrothorn Volcorona and a jellyicent which are sweepers and walls don't know what to add il like a rapid spinner for Srocks "
    Hi. Just dropping by. You're my only friend that's online right now and I haven't seen much action in the RMT section, so, yeah. Just wanted to say hi.
    Just so you know, I responded to your post in the Ingame Single Rates thread, about your Pokemon that does well in both battles and contests. :) Check it out!
    Dude/Dudette! Go to the in-game single-rate thread instead of the in-game team rate one. Just so you don't have any problems with the mods. Your set was, I'd say, on the verge of not being uber.
    i got actually but i scared u cant accept that i want u to join a forum that got chatbox....i need chatbox to trade....trade through chatbox is my habit............
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