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Oct 11, 2011
Sep 7, 2008
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tombux was last seen:
Oct 11, 2011
    1. AromaFlora
      Did nobody respond? That's a pity. Well, at least I'm watching over.

      You can do several things. Replace Ferrothorn with Forretress or replace Jellicent with Starmie. By doing so, you keep a defensive role, but with Rapid Spin. They sorta function the same, but yeah, Ferrothorn and Jellicent are a bit more reliable at walling that Forretress and Starmie; they just lack Rapid Spin. Another option is to use Tentacruel over Jellicent, who provides about the same special bulk and physical bulk at the cost of Recover/Taunt/Will-O-Wisp. At the very least, it can Toxic Spikes/Spin/Scald/Sludge Bomb. Otherwise... there isn't many viable options.

      I guess you can see how having 2 Water-types go? Jellicent + Starmie/Tentacruel could... work? Electric + Grass is resisted by Ferrothorn so that's cool. Well, Haxorus too for that matter, and Volcarona dual resists Grass. Yeah, 2 Water-types can act as a Grass-type lure to get your main sweepers in. Not a bad idea!
    2. AromaFlora
      Here, let me link you here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=12472369#post12472369

      You can probably get help from other users with what Pokemon you should choose for your team. Just don't repost a new thread for that question, okay? Good luck!

      In fact, you can probably just copy/paste your original sentence and post it in the thread I mentioned above. It'll be fine.

      "so far i have a Haxorus Ferrothorn Volcorona and a jellyicent which are sweepers and walls don't know what to add il like a rapid spinner for Srocks "
    3. AZIIKO4876
    4. Poke-friend
      Hi. Just dropping by. You're my only friend that's online right now and I haven't seen much action in the RMT section, so, yeah. Just wanted to say hi.
    5. Icosahedron
      Just so you know, I responded to your post in the Ingame Single Rates thread, about your Pokemon that does well in both battles and contests. (: Check it out!
    6. Connor™
      hi i'm been pitted against you for the pbr gym leader ranking battles. when can you battle and gl.
    7. Poke-friend
      Dude/Dudette! Go to the in-game single-rate thread instead of the in-game team rate one. Just so you don't have any problems with the mods. Your set was, I'd say, on the verge of not being uber.
    8. tombux
      kk and thanks
    9. Tyrant Venusaur
      Tyrant Venusaur
      Your sig is nice
      I would like you to be my friend
    10. de_darkrai
    11. tombux
      chat box???
    12. de_darkrai
      i got actually but i scared u cant accept that i want u to join a forum that got chatbox....i need chatbox to trade....trade through chatbox is my habit............
    13. Poke-friend
      Oh, well, I have to go now.
    14. Poke-friend
      Are you back?
    15. Poke-friend
      Oh, I see you are offline. Next time then.
    16. Poke-friend
      Nothing. Want to battle? Like, right now? Send me a PM then let's get started.
    17. tombux
      yep y do you ask?
    18. Poke-friend
      Are you going to be online for a little while?
    19. tombux
      yep Torterra rox
    20. Poke-friend
      Do you like Torterra?
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