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  • Yo I can now get any pokemon, on any level, with any nature, but the gender isn't optional((somewhat)), any special item you want it to have, ect. And I havn't figured out how to make them shiny yet. Anyways if you have a pokemon request add my Pokemon Platinum Friend code on your game then send me a message with yours.
    If you wanna be on my palpad then send me your friend code and name after you use one of mine and be sure to tell me which of my codes you used.

    Friend Codes---
    Diamond(BERRY/Collecter):4726 5056 6136
    Platinum(Tomiko/Battle & Pokemon Request):3094 8691 1037
    SoulSilver(Tomiko/Battle):4812 9143 5629
    Im a collecter, I have pokemon games Diamond (BERRY), Platinum (Tomiko), and SoulSilver(Tomiko). I also have Pokemon Ranger one and two, Pokemon Dungeon Sky and Time, Leafgreen and Emerald also. Ive collected every pokemon in the pokedex, and Im an expert breeder when it comes to eggs. My top team consist of Venasaur, Pidgeot, Vaporeon, Dugtrio, Ninetales, and Raichu. I do have other top teams but they are lower levels, my second top team is around lv 70. If you need any pokemon send me a pm with your friend code, or if you just want to battle, tell me what time =^.^=
    well,sure. once I find my game we'll set up a battle test. It'll be 3-on-3,lv.100 wi-fi battle. SO,I'll let you know about that.
    ok, how about today, before 5:00pm(it was 4:10pm when i wrote this.). if so i'll be waiting, gotta pick my sister up at three...then be back in ten min's or so.
    if not, then tomorrow at 3:00, i'll just leave my DS on the charger and wait, ok?
    or does friday count as the weekend?
    then monday at three. just choose one, i'm free at all those times.
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