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  • Hey ,
    Your winning sprite of week 9 of the GWSC doesn't appear anymore.
    Is it possible to send the image again (maybe uploaded with photobucket or so) so I can complete the hall of fame again?

    So am I man- here I am taking just as long to respond. To be completely honest I forgot to check after a time due to other things, but luckily I remembered today :D
    I'm doing fine; finally the summerbreak arrived, so it goes without saying that I'm doing well. What about you? What have you been up to? And are you still playing Pokémon? After a lengthy break to keep my mind off matters I have been playing a lot of League, but I recently picked up again, partly to get ready for the X/Y games. But oh well. So, what about you? :D
    I thought an Ace Attorney movie would miserably fail, but the trailer seems really interesting. The movie gets released in Germany, so I'm sorta hoping some Dutch shops will import it as well. Only the holograms are made up as far as I can see, there are no holograms in the games.

    We are currently taking a break from the streaks, last time we attempted a streak the game froze. We had to start all over again, so we took a small break.
    I really like the idea of holding special items in order to unlock more moves, something like that would be awesome. And yeah, I also expected more post-game story. Searching for the Sages was pretty fun, but I would have liked some battles with them. In fact, I would like some Plasma commanders, or other Plasma related bosses. That would be a wonderful addition to Team Plasma in my opinion.

    First of all, that castle you made was just amazing. Have you already made a part of the city? I don't know Fable, but Clocktown was one of my favourite places in the Zelda franchise. I bet making a city would take around the 100 hours, but I guess it's worth it :)
    I haven't played Minecraft for a while, I lost my motivation for a while after losing everything, but I'm starting all over again.
    Hey Tom,

    Sorry for the late reply, I won't bother you with all the details, but long story short, I've had lots of problems with my computer. I lost basically everything I had on my computer except for my Pokémon Online File. I've lost everything I made on Minecraft and all my pictures. Luckily, the computer itself is alright, so I don't have to buy a new one. Sorry again for the late reply.
    In fact, I don't remember how the exams went which I made in April. The fact that I don't remember them probably means I made them alright, thanks for asking :)
    Being a manager seems like a hard job indeed, but I bet you learn a lot from being a manager, right?
    I don't have a job, although many friends of mine do. I could do it for the experience, but I'm having enough money at the moment, so I don't really feel the urge to search for a job. I'm also pretty busy with school, especially with the last exams of the year around the corner.

    I'm really starting to like White-Kyurem, Black-Kyurem is pretty cool as well. I don't like the sprite of Black-Kyurem though, it seems really overdesigned. I'm really glad they removed that thing between Reshiram's legs for White-Kyurem, it really disturbed me actually. I hope they will get lots of new moves, I was quite dissapointed when I discovered Giratina-O was just Giratina with another ability and the defenses swapped with the offenses. The Kyurem formes really deserve more than that. I also liked the boxart for FR/LG, especially the Venusaur. What do you think of the new Genie formes? I was quite surprised when I heard about them, but I like the idea nontheless. The Tornadus and Tornadus seem really cool. In my opinion, Landorus is a bit dissapointing, though.
    It seems you've been on the forums recently. I haven't been on in AGES. How have you been? Miss you, bud.
    Not that I'm complaining over it, but you sir, are lucky and smart. You've claimed the greatest of all Pokemon, Torterra!
    Part 2;

    I haven't played LoL in a while as well. Actually, my friends play a lot of Minecraft, so I picked it up as well. I'm playing it a lot at the moment, even though I suck in building things. I actually never heard about DDO, I'll look it up.
    Actually, I stopped playing Fire Emblem for a while. I got a bad luck streak, which was quite frustrating, so I picked up Ace Attorney again. Fire Emblem is a mix between Strategy and RPG. It's like Nuzlocke, characters die permanently. That makes FE fun for me, because characters have a real personality and background. It's really depressing when they die, I always reset the game when someone dies. It can be pretty frustrating when someone dies because of a random critical hit, but the game is worth all the effort it takes. Sadly, no, the games are not connected. Sometimes the games are related, like FE 1 and 3, but it isn't one big story.

    I still haven't played a Nuzlocke, I should really give that a try soon. It seems really fun. Have you hacked a ROM to change the sprites? 0_o
    That's amazing. I wish I could do things like that, but that's way too difficult for me lol.
    The Ace Attorney series is a Point and Click adventure. It's a cartoony court room drama, which sounds really strange, but it works great. Here's a trailer of the movie based on the first game, which explains the game pretty well. (No spoilers).

    I haven't uploaded the streak yet, we think that we can improve it, so we started all over again. I'll send you a link when we have uploaded it.
    Post is too long, so I've made two parts. Part 1;

    No problem, I didn't visit Serebii for a month either. I was afraid you already had replied, because I couldn't visit Serebii for a pretty long time. I've had quite some exams the last month, so I was busy as well.
    A manager at a store? Sounds like a pretty fun job to me, actually. What's it like to be a manager?
    I agree with you on the asymmetrical issue, they would have been cooler if they were symmetrical. Although the bigger left claw of Kyurem-Zekrom is a pretty nice touch, IMO. I'm pretty happy with the boxart as well. This might sound strange to you, but I really like it when the boxart is awesome. It's better than the standart Sugimori art. I always like the Sugimori art, but I prefer something else for the boxart.
    Because I still play a lot of competitive Pokémon, I hope there are some cool (or old, like the elemental punches) move tutors. Especially Fire Punch, I'm getting pretty tired of Ferrothorn, actually. I'm also having my fingers crossed for Sleep Talk, I really like Resttalkers. And I hope they return the Lead metagame. It was one of my favourite parts of playing 4th gen, but I'm afraid they will keep the current system. I actually can't think of any non-competitive changes. It's quite strange, really. I always think of new features I would like, but when someone asks me that, I'm drawing a blank lol. The only thing I can think of is the return of the Contest minigame, which I really like. Besides that- other minigames, and some more info on Team Plasma. What about you?
    Aw, that's quite a shame. It seemed quite interesting. Researching it?

    Haha, that's no problem at all. To be honest with you, I'm not that good either. It took me a couple of weeks to learn the game at all. Sorry about the servers, it's quite easy actually. It's not like other games, where different people play in severval servers. It's basically the installed timezone. You can check your server at the beginning screen, before you have to log in.
    This probably sounds pretty noobish, but what's DDO?

    At the moment, I'm playing Zelda; Skyward Sword en Fire Emblem; Shadow Dragon mostly. I have also bought Minecraft, which is pretty neat. Skyward Sword probably is my favourite Zelda yet and I'm playing Fire Emblem for the third time. I also tried the Subway with a friend of mine, and we got a record according to Smogon. We're going to post it soon. I'm still playing Pokémon, after all ;) Oh, and replaying Ace Attorney. I don't remember if I have mentioned it already, but I really love AA :D

    I didn't really pay any attention to Keldeo, but I really like those new Kyurem formes, especially the White-Kyurem. I'm pretty excited, actually. What do you think of the new formes?
    (Have to start all over again with this message :( )


    First of all, Happy 2012!

    Sorry for the extreme late reply, my internet connection was really messy, and when that was fixed, I still couldn't visit Serebii for a long time due to lag.

    Yeah, I'm always fascinated by different cultures as well. It really doesn't sound boring to me, actually. Especially the book on the origin of modern words seemed pretty interesting to me.

    And lol @Wii :p

    I definitely would like to play LoL with you, it's a really cool game. What's your nick and server? I already tried to search for 'tomthepom', but I didn't find you.
    Lots of games ;P
    Wow, you actually remembered! I mean, it doesn't make any sense, so I thought you would have forgotten it.
    It took a couple of hours to complete MK 7, but I must say, MK Wii was pretty difficult IMO, so it makes sense that I complete Mario Kart 7 before you complete Mario Kart Wii ;P

    Yeah, installing LoL is terrible. Many friends of mine tried to install it, and most of them failed. Besides, it takes hours to install it... But it's pretty fun to play with friends, really.

    39 hours?! That's pretty quick, isn't it? I've heard great things about the length of the game, so 39 seems incredible.

    Another late reply, last week was exam week for me, so I couldn't visit Serebii. They really give us too many tests D:
    On a unrelated and late note, hope you had a wonderful Chrismas =)
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