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  • lol, I realized what those others said right after I posted that >.< Sorry XD

    There's a fire near my city, in La Canada, have you heard of it? (prob not, huh) I might have to evacuate my homeee >w< My friends already did D: The fire tripled in size due to those idiot firefighters who assumed it wouldn't spread last night, so they took the night off, wtf! -.-"
    It was "love song", not love letter, but okay XP
    "I'mma peek at you in the shower" Lol.
    I didn't get the Magikarp and the Ekans one >.< There were only 7 listd there :p
    Haha XD
    Some of them didn't make sense. Which were the perverted ones? ?.?
    Lol, thanks tony, that made me feel better ^_^
    Yup, hopefullyyy ^^'
    Today went horrible, Tony...T_T The people acted like little kids and all annoying and stuff...they are 11th graders, they should know better!
    My first day, people kept playing w/ my hair, they kept bothering me, they wouldn't stop screaming when the announcements came! My first day went horrible T_T

    Especially this class I have to take as a filler, there's only sophomores in it, I'm the only Junior. And they make soooo much noise, like they can't zip their mouths >w< All these girls talking like how they are upset about their boyfriend, blah blah blah, my cellphone, blah blah blah, did you get my text, bla blah

    .-. I hate it. Sorry if you read all of that XD Hopefully, the girls at your school will act different....hmm....maybe not? XD
    Lol, the smaller it is, the less likely you'll have people bump into you in the hallways. Jk, that's such a lie. XD
    This high school is so small, that its as hectic as my other high school, which has like 3000. o_o haha, I remember when I was a freshman...I got lost because the classes I thought were the right ones were the WRONG ones .-. Hopefully, you are prepared ;)
    Yeah. It isn't updated yet though >w>
    I'm still kind of like the "new" girl, because I started that new school in Feb this year .-.
    Hehe, I kind of like how the campus is way smaller than my other one ^^
    o.o 21st? lol, I might get out that time too...
    Hmm...I'm not sure. I don't even know my schedule @.@ lol, so you're starting high school? XP
    Actually, I don't think I do...I think you get out before I do :p
    My school has a lot of breaks in the year, so...maybe that could be it ._.
    I don't like my new school >w< (I switched)
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