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  • Well I hope you do get it!

    and I'm good, stressful exams are now over, staying away from home for a few more days for complete freedom! How about you?

    Doesn't fit the stealthy character I envision. Plus they'll be a vampire, and holy magical power is a bit odd (not completely, since I'd use it on a vampire character). I don't know, might just make a simple character to RP. Hunter, mercenary, vampire, etc.
    Sorry, the little green light was on next to your name when I sent that but I don't think you were actually on. I'm GMT-6 and I'll be available from 3:30-10 my time today.
    I honesty don't know why I'm so interested in England besides the fact that I really LOVE the accent (I wish I had an accent) the weather and I guess some of the slang. It just calls me; I'm just kinda drawn there.
    Oh really? Outgoing and decisiveness aren't necessarily slacking per say, at least not in my opinion for what it's worth. I don't think you have anything to worry about there :p.

    I know, full of it in all of them. Don't watch it at 1am with the lights out *shivers*.

    Spellsword-Mercenary type character. Light Armor, One Handed, Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, Sneak and maybe Restoration. We'll see.
    You did make sense with what you were saying, so what do you have to do (what do you think you're slacking on?).


    I've been planning a new Skyrim character with my friend!
    Smash & ORAS? I already have them. I put a $50 eshop card, DBZ Battle of Gods and a gym bag on my list. My mom actually got my brother and I about 10 presents!

    In addition my brother and I will probably each buy an amiibo (Link for him and Mario for me maybe) and I got Wii Fit U for my mom, which is really for all of us.
    Yeah, I know the format. If you can ever catch me while we're both on then we can battle then.
    I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, I'm still fairly new to competitive smash myself. I definitely want to do it for points because I want to try and get out of the beginner rank ASAP. I'm almost always available to play.

    FC: 1607-2324-6674
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