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  • By leaps and bounds. I'm keeping a pretty steady win rate of 82% - 84% with 4000 matches played. Its FG, but still.

    I don't. I've always wanted to learn guitar though.
    Just the same as you, more or less. haven't played anything on the computer since a long time ago.
    I also exercise a lot. and I work in a music store.
    Could you give an example for such pattern for ya?
    As for poke, I've just finished EV training my 4th poke in this game. now I dunno which poke is gonna be my next one. how bout u?
    Heh, relationships. People always tell me I should get into things like that, though I refuse. I find everything that happens in high school to be extremely temporary. When the future has come, looking back you'll see that the only thing that resulted from high school were your grades, and maybe a few friendships, nothing more.

    Toilet humor? That's a very interesting choice. Give me an example of your "immaturity".
    I don't really mind my physical appearance, but I wouldn't call myself a model.

    I feel like our current conversation is mature enough for an onlooker to not be able to determine our age, unless there's a massive change in interaction through text in the next few years.
    Must suck to have a quality that you dislike and are unable to change.

    I was just rereading our early VMs, the blissfulness of youth is quite evident.
    I'm familiar with some names you mentioned. didn't try listening to 'em though.
    My friend played an electric guitar, and I played a classic one. the both of us were singing. Have you tried singing as well?

    Luckily I was rather preapred for that scene. but until you get a chance to peek at the Latios you received it takes a long while, so I gave it up after like 20 attempts. Eventually I got a neutral natured one, didn't check IVs but its sentence could indicate of some flawless IVs. I don't think i'm gonna use it anyway. just wanted a fine nature so I could trade it with others.
    Yeah, writing down some half-strangers birthday who lives a continent away. I don't mind though.

    Funny, because everybody else gets things like that, and I'm here feeling like I've gone through it years ago. I was truly an early bloomer. Or maybe I'm so late where it hasn't hit me yet, I'm not entirely sure.
    What bands are you listening to? Riptide's a nice song. and I stopped because of laziness, or other distractions that have knocked this hobby aside. like pokemon, exercising, work.
    I used to compose, in both English and my mother's tongue Hebrew, but haven't done it in a long time. I also had a duo with a friend of mine. we had a decent amount of tunes. but right now I have some serious writer's block, or i'm just not in the mood for that.

    I also thought he might be able to learn it, but neither him or his evolution can't learn it. However, pangoro can learn it, but I won't teach him this move. I received the first evolution of Avalugg last night, it's even around my other parts pokes' levels. Maybe I'll use it over some swimmer.

    I just reached the part where Latios wants to join your party. didn't see it coming haha. I really don't have the energy for doing SR's. How many sr's did you do until you kept it? if you have either or/as.
    Not gonna lie, I actually practice solely on FG now, since I have no on to practice against, save the rare tournament. That's why I messaged you.
    I know how you feel. I have other commitments as well. I have a job, I'm in my final school year, I'm learning two languages, and in my free time I'm not even playing that much Smash! Good to play you though.
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