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  • May I ask what is she suffering from? It's cheering to hear that she's getting well.
    and I meant for both type of music. I've been playing guitar since I was 12 (today I'm nearly 22). but have stopped learning it ages ago. I'm not very skillful though. just playing chords. although I wanted more than this. how 'bout you? when did you start playing?

    I'm also into indie music. That's my favourite genre. On January i'll be flying to paris to see concerts of the Maccabees and Foals. Do you know them?
    I also like interpol, the national, the antlers, the cure, from indian lakes, and some others. and currently my team consists Sceptile, Excadrill, Aerodactyl, Sliggoo, and Pangoro. 2 of them are from the wonder trade. I just received an HA Qwilfish which I don't know if I'll use.
    Yeah, rooms up right now. Look for Mactíre. I changed my 3ds name since then. Let's just start on FD.
    Zoroark: We want to ask who Hoopa is... We entered a portal to check it out, seeing a legendary! We wanna know how it is possible!

    I know, right? D:
    Wow. these really are some major things to have occured.
    How is your mom? Why did you start going to school? and above all, what music do you like [I also play the guitar]?

    As for my game, I now should challenge the 5th gym leader.
    I made an imported pokes' team alongside my starter- 2 of it came from a friend of mine on Serebii, and another 2 from the wonder trade.
    I think that's a really cool way to create a team. Now I'm wondering if I should look for another poke (a swimmer), or get along without one.
    because I usually don't go through story with more than 4 pokes.
    I found the most bizarre thing in my belly button the other day. It was a DS game! Pokemon Pearl! I thought i had lost that years ago lol
    No prob, I was too lol.

    I got Smash Wii U yesterday. Its waaaay more beautiful in person that watching it on Youtube. Big thing about the game is that the blast zones are hella close compared to the 3DS version. My Uair strings with Sonic kill about 10% - 20% earlier. I dunno if I can go back to 3DS now ;-;
    Don't worry, I'll alternate between the two so we can still exchange replays.

    I will say, its crazy how Smash Wii U is still $60 after all the time its been out lol.
    I'm in Smash Hell yet again...I even stopped using Sonic as much and spent the majority of my playtime using Dark Pit. Wtf does a Dark Pit do to get reported for????

    Buying Smash Wii U 100% now. I'm actually salty this time
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