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  • PacMan and WFT for the most part. WFT is ironic cause I hate how people play WFT. Even sent u a replay called "UGHHHHH WFT." Got her on random once and I actually liked her.

    Dunno if I seen that one yet.

    I has sent many.
    That ZSS match was pretty old, but thanks lol. Actually haven't used her since.

    I watch them all. The Shulk match had a hype ending as well as the Ganon vs Ness.
    All I've been sending are Dark Pit replays lately lol.
    Shofu, AceStarThe3rd, and MoonMonkey are the only SmashTubers I watch. Ace is the best tho, imo.

    Don't worry, we'll be Top Tier Players soon.
    Yea, I saw it just before the latest update made it unplayable. Reminded me of Shofu's CF Tourney Mode vid. Hype

    I still don't feel normal yet lol. I think that only the second replay ever of my Dark Pit.
    I'm out lol. Played a few matches but I'm kinda more nervous when people stay on the results screen for a while.

    I sent a few replays so you can see how bad I got
    Maybe this weekend. I've only played about 5 matches in these 2 weeks so I'm probably horrible now lol. Last time I played was against that Wii Fit and even then I felt hella rusty.
    We'll give it a bit to let proper activity pick back up, and then go from there, how about that? :)
    Yep, it was two weeks yesterday. Making me really wanna buy Smash Wii U lol.

    If I'm still there by Sunday, then I'll go ahead and get Smash U.
    Cause I dunno if I'll be comfortable with the controls. It seems like it would be awkward with the Gamepad and I never played Gamecube so I don't have a controller or any experience with it.

    But who knows
    True, the Wii U players are better for the most part. Still haven't gotten Smash Wii U even though I've had a Wii U for about 3 or so months lol.
    The more I think about it, the more I see it as a blessi g in disguise.

    You know how you reach a certain point on FG where you face a lot of people and you win the match thinking you played pretty well, but then you face those special people that bring out your best and have you wondering how you were able to play so amazingly? Well, I was starting to feel like a was barely finding those special matches and I was already thinking about leaving FG and checking out Smash Ladder. Wanna have those matches that bring out my best consistently so I can get even better.
    Yeah, otherwise the guild would have a slow painful death as noone was there to boost the activity and implement new things. It's the best for everyone, I take a break, and the guild revitalizes.
    Nah, I'm still here.Went on FG for just one match and chose random. Got Diddy against this hella campy WFT, but halfway through the match I forgot I was in Smash Hell and tried to style on him. I ended up spiking him on his first stock. As soon as he died, reality hit me and I realized he was probably gonna report the hell out of me after the match. So I choked and played hella bad so he could win. He stayed in the results screen for a bit so he most likely reported me :v

    Haven't bought it yet. I might later on today.
    Zoroark: Can you tell us more about them?

    Really? Then why don't you try it? :p
    Well, I love it! Still got to buy it though, with the other stage. D:
    It's been a LOOOOONG while my bio has been updated, so yeah. :p
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