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  • Hi there! Sorry I've been gone for so long! How are you doing? Also I added your FC to my 3ds. Mine is 2277-6721-8461.
    It is :[

    I watch the Replay Channel and Spectate Mode for the most part. Otherwise I'm just playin other games.
    Zoroark: SOmething called Mirage Spots... However, we saw a legendary Pokémon through it, when we entered it!

    Me too, due to something. It's nice! ^^ I'm doing well, though! How are you doing?
    Secret mechanic in the game that makes it where you can only face other reported players. And its usually only a handful of other players, meaning youre most likely gonna face the same 4 or 5 people for that week. It takes a long time to find opponents as well. Fought a guy named Morty and won. I left and sat in about 4 rooms for 5 or so mins each. On the 4th room, I waited about 10 mins just for Morty to show up again.

    And since you're only fighting reported people, there's only 2 types of players you'll find in Smash Hell:

    - Really good people that only got sent there because people were mad about losing to them. Fought an amazing Falco player named Grif. He beat me 5 out of 6 matches and never taunted/teabagged once.

    -Spammy/campy/runaway players that will taunt/teabag over the smallest things. Fought a CF who ran away for the first two mins, then when he actually started fighting, he got one jab combo on me and taunted 2 times like he was the best CF alive.
    Most people say the minimum time is a week unless you play while you're there and get reported again. So, I'm just not gonna play until it runs out. Should be by next Thursday or Friday morning.

    I think I sent the replays of the last two people I fought before I got into Smash Hell. Coulda been 2 of the ones that reported me lol. One was titled "Dat Edgeguarding" and the other is "Up Air Pls." But yea, Sheik is pretty fun. Thought I'd see how I'd do with a Top Tier lol.
    So, I got sent to Smash Hell cause people that I've beaten on FG were salty and decided to report me.
    And when you backhand someone with a Bair. Did that to a CF and was lmao when he hit the ground. And how many people get totally caught off guard by a simple Fair offstage and die.

    Also, do you ever Up B out of your opponets rapid jab? Works good against CF and other Macs.
    I dunno, when I use ZSS, I'm aggressive af against my opponent for some reason. So, I don't usually go for cool things.

    Forgot about the Mac one. DTilt to Fair to Haymaker was hella noice.
    Lel, I try. Been using Sonic ever since this game first came out and I'm still learning different ways to use him. Started using ZSS, too. Sent a replay of me wrecking a DDD.

    Got 8 of your replays at once lol. I lol'ed at "Think Again" after that Falcon hit you mid taunt, then taunted after he got the kill. Hella lame.
    Means you either have too many replays or a lot of people in your friendslist.

    Try deleting old replays and if that doesn't work, then delete a couple people that are never online on your 3DS.
    Its mainly cause I felt bad for all the replays we had of us wrecking Kongs. Had to redeem him.
    Haven't played Mac as much lately. Been having fun using Donkey Kang and trying to get better with my Dark Pit.
    Is best time

    Lucky. Monday is easily the worst day of the week.

    Stylish Idiots was the lasr one, I think.

    Sounds like a good time. Cool that its more like college since college is so much better than regular school imo.
    Ah, to be honest I forgot about it. Sorry. I couldn't get the egg move/s on it with the parents I had and I couldn't find other ones. You should probably just ask WhyBuffet, sorry.
    Nah, not much of a fan of MH. Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Ratchet and Clank, and a couple games for my Vita since I barely play it nowadays.

    Don't. Took me months to beat it cause I got hella bored everytime I sat down to play it.

    How was it?
    Not anything newly released, just a couple games that I'm just now getting.

    Yea, I'm lookin forward to the new PMD too. Just hope its better than Gates to Infinity.
    Not much. Got a new phone, going on vacation next week, a couple new games.

    Yea, not much :]
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