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  • Happy new year to you too, Danny. I hope this year is full of blessings for you.

    Also, I just realized that your last VM to me went unnoticed. I'm extremely sorry for that, hopefully you didn't feel as if I was snubbing you.
    do you have any method of faster contact lol
    Oh wonderful. I'm being financially smart and going to a community college the first two years and transferring to a four-year so I won't have as big of a financial burden and debt once I graduate from said four-year.
    You planning on going to Boston College? One of the guys here on the basketball team got a scholarship there and committed so that's pretty cool yo.
    I should definitely be taking the SAT but for some reason I've procrastinated and I'll probably take it second semester. I'm a senior in high school now so I'm gonna need to take it by the end of the year and yeahhhhhhhhh.

    And man idk I'm really bittersweet about growing up, cause I'll finally get to move out of CA [some time] after college, but I'll also lose a lot of friends because some are going out of state or like 200 miles away and all.
    Dude lol hamburger helper is legit **** yo and yeah its been since like the bmf chat a couple years ago. HOW'S LIFE?
    Uh, yeah! You're supposed to wear it like every night. Retainers aren't that bad though, bar the smell lmao.
    Dudeee I've been lurking here so long without signing in that I didn't know you vm'd me until now XD.

    Yeah, braces were off way back in freshman year haha. Glad to know yours are off too, they're a pain now that you look back on them, right?
    lol yes it was.

    I'm alright... quite lonely and bored lately tbh. =/
    What's going on with you? lol I still remember those days...
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