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  • Well, there's Cammi, noobers(who I knew as Dwight Eisenhower), Cruxis, Divinity_123, Boreas has an account here, but he's inactive...You can still email him though.

    Yeah. I think that's about it. At least that I haven't seen you message.
    Haha, I remember you.

    Life's ok, I rarely go here, its weird coming back around every once in a while
    What, who, and who? :p

    I'm great. I've moved onto another forum where I found fantastic friends, but I still lurk here almost everyday (you caught me when my computer fried :/). In real life, I'm doing great in school and am just having fun being a teenager and such.
    Hey, it's been a really long time, hasn't it? Oh, Godd iono where to even begin. The BMf years seem like a lifetime ago. It's hard to remember who is who. It's hard to remember what was what. But it would be nice to have it back. I don't think so though, unfortunately. It's too much of a responsibility for me.

    Ohmygod, how have you beeeeen?
    Life is pretty freaking sweet right now. How about yours?

    Oh, btw, if you ever need me to show you other members, I know about five or so.
    Super busy, so (un?)fortunately I no longer have the luxury of going on SPPf every day/hour/minute. And haha I don't think we were ever good friends or ever talked for hours but it's nice to hear from an old contact nonetheless. :)
    I go through phases. I just recently started playing again, but I'm only catching pokemon. I need new things to keep me entertained.
    I'm excited about the release of HG/SS. Can't wait to get my hands on that. 8D
    Noobers hasn't replied to any of my messages either. I think I'm in his ignore list. Lol.

    I haven't seen you much. Are you getting active again?
    Apparently he hates me for some unknown reason. I always thought I got along fine with him. So, beats me. :s
    lol, life is pretty fly.

    I really only come on here to read a few Misc. Threads, but I miss everyone too, including you. c: The new BMf never took off, so idk. :/
    To the old BMf people - I missed you all. I'm going to be on here at least once a week from now on to make convo's and whatnot. You guys used to be like my bestfriends :D
    Hey... I dunno if you remember me, but I used to go to BlueMyuu forums...
    "Aura Muffin"?
    I really miss that place, and all the people that were there...
    Just trying to get in touch with 'em all.
    Sorry that it got hacked...
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