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  • I'm doing great! I agree that we need to bring bmf back, because I've been kinda bored, and the only way I can keep track of you guys is serebii. Which sucks because I sorta hate the forums here. Those people are MONSTERS. So how've you been?
    I'm not actually a huge fan of the band but I like their style of vocals, because I can pull them off pretty easily.
    Lol, its kinda the opposite for me, my growling and screaming is amatuer at best, but I sing quite fine :p

    And ywah, we'd try some metalcore, but since we won't have the best drummer in the world, we can't do AILD-style stuff, but we'd try stuff like A Day To Remember or, at a stretch, Escape the Fate?
    sweet, have you ever heard A Day To Remember, me and my friends have started a band with a similar sound, except more death vocals, because I find those pretty easy to do xD
    REally? Thats pretty insane, whats your sound, similar to any bands I know?

    You're the vocalist, if I recall correctly, what kind of vocals do you do?
    ;; yeah my aunt is all suicidal because my uncle just died
    she is going for another guy now and she is neglecting my 10 year old cousin :\ she is home alone in a bad society (viet nam) and she doens't know what to do :x she has to run the whole buisness by herself now
    What the he...Oh wait, I remember you. You're that one kid.

    Anyways, I'm fine. Relaxing as much as I can before a hectic day tomorrow. You?
    that sounds horrible ;;
    my dad's relative died recently and people in my family have been suiciding, i know how you feel. D:
    He did learn the bagpipes in an attempt to woo the love of his life, Miley Cyrus. Both had to go through a few months of therapy.
    my life is like
    kinda weird idk. i'm confused about it; moving here, moving there, then you're not, and you get hit and stuff; you know, the usual abuse i get? i'm sure you've heard me ***** on and on all the time. it's good other than that; school's fun, though it's a bit aaaaa.

    and you?
    "Ello Tyler
    Long time no talk...
    You still playin the drums?"

    Nah, he plays the more interesting things now, like the trombone and the tuba.
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