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  • Ahh, that sucks. I'm not sure what the problem with the forum is but I've messaged Kuno and asked him to give you the ability to post. Keep checking every now and then and it should let you post eventually!
    Just picture Hitmonlee raising his legs way up into the air so he makes no noise with his steps...what's more cartoony sneaky than that?
    If this were Facebook, I'd like that post. It made me laugh :D
    Hey, was just wondering if you were having trouble posting on UPN? There's been an issue lately with a few people not being able to get past captcha's before they have 10 posts, and I'm concerned that it will drive away new players. If you have been having an issue, message someone under the name 'Lady Kuno'. He runs UPN and will give you the 10 post requirement so you can start.
    Hey Topher i see you have an OC in the thread, i have a match about to end and i was wondering if you would mind me taking your oc? Since im TL 4 im also willing to offer Equiall 4 so you can use your mons fully evolved!
    Also I saw the question you asked Beautiful Savage and as Water Gym hopeful I figured I would give you a more expanded answer. So normally with fish/water pokemon it comes down to two things. The first is the Species SC, if it is going to have trouble fighting on land it will be mentioned there. The second is logic, things like Horsea can balance on their tail, Wailmer can roll and my personal favourite is Chinchou actually having feet (which people forget about constantly). If you are interested in water pokemon and would like some advice on which ones work well in ASB, my knowledge is at your disposal lol.
    Hey there! Just a welcome to ASB, similar to Savy. When it comes to getting down the basics I'm your guy, if you are unsure about something or are having trouble finding something feel free to shoot me a message, I'm around quite often. A couple of helpful links

    Here you will find things like acquisition levels, general rules type and species characteristic and most importantly, move descriptions. Make sure you read the move description before you use a move, most of them are different then the games, mostly because we like to make every move usable haha.

    This is the pokedex majority of us use for ASB. The reason why is that it shows every move a pokemon can learn, in any gen. Pokemon can use any move they learn in any gen in ASB, so you have some crazy stuff like Teleport on Arcanine and Zap Cannon on every second pokemon hahaha.

    Also if you really want to get a feel for ASB, you should considering coming over to UPN. ASB is split across the two sites but UPN is far more popular and active. It took me a few months to get over to UPN when I started, when I went over there is when things really started to get going.

    I go by both Austoman over here and TheKnightsFury over on UPN. Look around at other peoples matches, see how they order and how referees go about reffing rounds. Reading is key :)

    Best Wishes.
    Hey, welcome to the league! Just seen your question about Horsea's movement, and I think you should go through some of the species characteristics found on the official info-site here. Horeas characteristic states that it is much more comfortable in water, and on land they may only hop and are easy to knock over.

    Also, in case you didn't know you're allowed to have up to 4 battles going on at once(outside of Gym Challenges and Tournaments); 2 on SPPf, and 2 on UPN. If you don't have a UPN account, the site is here. Anyway, hope you enjoy the league and if you have any questions feel free to ask someone!
    That... is actually a very good question. I believe the answer is yes, but not very well. Movement will be limited at best. You shouldn't have to worry about it not being able to breathe. No drowning is a rule in ASB, so I'd assume the opposite situation applies as well.
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