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  • Thank you! Do you think Misty looks cute on the drawing?

    You said I "seem like the right kind of normal-obsessive"... What's that? Obsessive isn't normal...
    Well, I'm in between. I don't want to offend others, I don't bash, but I'm way too carried away and obsessed when it comes to PokeShipping.

    Thank you for believing me! I dislike all shippings interfering with PokeShipping, but I don't hate people supporting those, and don't bash people. Disagreeing is not a reason to misbehave. At least, that's my opinion.


    I think Pikachu x Togetic is cute!

    Normal-obsessive? What's that? Obsessive isn't normal...
    I agree: open end, but hints.

    I don't think Ash will be replaced.

    Dawn x Conway is funny, Dawn x Kenny is cute and Dawn x Zoey is what I expect the most.

    I don't hate multishippers, but I'm not a multishipper myself. I'm more of a "one character per character, those are the perfect couple" shipper.

    Well, having no threat of canon interfering with your most important shippings must feel like a relief!

    I never bothered shipping Falkner at all, but come to think of it, Falkner x Clair is cute.

    Do you like Pikachu x Togetic? I see it as more than a crack shipping, it's my second favourite shipping, with PokeShipping being my absolute number one!

    Also, sorry for coming off like a sick freak when it comes to PokeShipping. I hope you believe I'm not a basher, even though I'm a sick, obsessed, die-hard PokeShipper...

    My shipping list. What do you think of it?

    - Ash x Misty, OTP which I'm obsessed with, no multishipping (but I don't bash non-PokeShippers).
    - May x Drew
    - Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togetic
    - Ash's Totodile x Misty's Corsola
    - Dawn x Conway/Zoey/Kenny
    - Tracey x Daisy
    - Iris x Cilan

    I'm not really a multishipper, only when it comes to Dawn. But if other ones than the ones on this list become canon, I'm fine with it (except for PokeShipping), as long as it doesn't interfere with PokeShipping.

    PokeShipping is my everything, and Ash and/or Misty ending up with someone else would emotionally kill me, would break my heart and be the most horrible moment of my life.

    I expect an open end when it comes to shipping in Pokemon. Do you also expect that?
    Aww... Thank you!

    You don't have to apologise. I don't have a lesser or better opinion on PokeShippers than on other people. Everyone is equal to me, no matter what shipping they support.

    Who do you ship Ash and Misty with?
    Okay, sorry! When in a month? I submitted my post in May, it's June now.

    Also, now we're talking anyways, what's your opinion on PokeShipping?
    Well, then I'll do it like this.

    AquaticShipping - Ash's Totodile x Misty's Corsola
    Thank you!
    Okay... Would this be allowed as a post in the thread?

    Ash's Totodile x Misty's Corsola is not in the shipping list yet. Angel, the person who got me into supporting it, and me came up with the name AquaticShipping.
    Well, I don't have a Bulbagarden account. If the shipping list here will never get edited anymore, posting it wouldn't really be worth it, isn't it?
    I could have perhaps understood a little more if it wasn't a word that was so... common, which, let's face it, champion IS when it comes to Pokemon.

    Your note has been noted and I shall pass it on! Truthfully, I'm liking this new style less and less with each passing day. 8|
    Now that is because I genuinely forgot I named that! Ha ha, that post is right in the midst of THAT infamous argument over the usage of the word champion. IDK about you, but I felt so much secondhand embarrassmen- OH RIGHT STARLETSHIPPING; because they all are at what they do. Blue with evolving, Crystal with catching, Sapphire with storming the Gyms in 80 days. Platinum would have been there too but at the time we knew so little about her, Dia and Pearl.

    /clicks view conversation


    Holy crap that is... well, crap! I'll bring it up to Serebii for sure! That is incredibly jarring and disjointed.
    Lawl, I didn't even see Daffodilshipping on the list! Selective sight, I appearantly have it.

    Yep, that's precisely why I coined the name for Cheryl x Yellow. One of those names where it simply clicked into place!
    Alright you, I've been talking via PM to midnightjewelz the past few days to sort out the whole Dawn x Iris vs. Paul x Iris palaver and this is the final decision;

    Paul x Iris can have the name BlackDiamondshipping, which would mean that Saintpauliashipping would be the name for Paul x Salvia. (( I understand that you were okay with doing that? ))

    As for Dawn x Iris? Nix Nelumboshipping, the name for them is now Annemaeshipping. It was one of my suggestions but at the end of the day the decision was Jewels, 100%. I felt it was only right as she was the one who tried to name Dawn x Iris in the first place. She was amazingly sweet and understanding about it.

    So. Yes. Problem solved. 8)
    Oh boy, the peeps of dA once again. Do they not look at the list? I remember all the palaver over Brendan x Dawn...

    Who is the one who coined BlackDiamondshipping for Dawn x Iris?
    I cannot tell a lie; every time I see that ship on my profile page I still crack a laugh. IT'S THE MOST ODDLY BEAUTIFUL THING.

    Dare I ask how many ships we're on, now? I've been saying that the count stands at over 11,000 but I'm not 100% on that.
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