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    You're right; that was a good laugh. That is the craziest ship that ever sailed and puts Nineteenshipping and Pimptasticshipping to shame forevermore. xD
    oh okay, I misunderstood. I forgot I was making a suggestion for a name of the pairing. my bad. pearlstringshipping sounds good.
    mhmm... yeah too bad, I dont want to make one though, too much work. thank you anyway though :3
    Ah, yeah... that would be the whole can of worms thing. This is kinda sorta like Fourshipping, when my spamming around for Elesa on Hilda on rollercoaster action got a following and I was none the wiser that Darke was also using the name for that Pokemon threesome for the same length of time...

    I know you're not a fan of ships sharing a name and neither am I, however like with Fourshipping both sides have a good, fair argument and to spite one over the other wouldn't be fair.

    I'm fine with making an exception for this. I just hope it doesn't spur a bunch of spam joint suggestions. 8|a

    It could work, but one question. When was Conductorshipping submitted for Steven x Elesa? I know Emmet x Elesa was the later suggestion...
    MMK I only ask cuz your sig says Shipping Record Keeper of BMGf and when i clicked it it took me to a thread started by Archaic, who recently did an interview in an Australian Gaming Magazine which was stated in a Bulbapedia Report which I read :) I <3 Bulbapedia more than Serebii but I <3 Serebii more than BMGf
    On the Goddesses/N - If it's not named yet, I would like this ship to be called Castellanshipping. ^^ I haven't been able to think of anything better and I like the meaning behind the name~
    Oh man, I had Bryony tell me this via text this morning (( My net was playing me up all last week, died Monday, am back now )) and I was all PROOF PLZ and she sent me a picture of the picture...

    Looks like I'll be eating my words if Whitlea is indeed Hilda.
    thanks for the correction in the shipping thread.

    I didn't think it had a name lol anyway sorry for the trouble
    Wow...I'm fast xD

    Drew x Brody= MayConspiracyShipping, since Drew beat May in the Grand Festival, and Brody outright tried to steal the Ribbon Cup.

    Ash x Brody= BadAtEyelinerShipping. I know it's wordy, but I actualy think it's funny. So Brodie has the green/orange mark under his eye, and Ash has the infamous "Z"'s. So...they must've screwed up with their eyeliner ^^
    Oh why thank you ^^ *Bows too* *Thuds heads*
    I'll see if I can come up with other Shipping names ^^
    I saw your collection of unnamed ships, which is pretty big, and I've come up with names for a few:

    Gary x Bugsy= Scizorshipping, since they've owned a Scizor at some point (Gary in the anime and Bugsy in his HG/SS rematch)

    Duplica x Morty= Shiftshipping, as ghosts are shapeshift-y and Duplica shapeshifts

    Tracey x Domino= Nineshipping. Domino is called 009. T. Sketchit is nine letters.

    Brock x Brawly= ShatteredRockshipping. Brock uses Rock-types, Brawly smashes them, etc.

    Um..so yeah
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