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  • Stubieoobieooooobie~

    I just watched you dancing it up with your friend there - you're soooo the cutest thing. omgilu<3333
    Hope you're having a great time, Stubert, and thanks for the comment. The internet just isn't as fun without you on it.
    Thanks man, I actually enjoyed doing it. Plus, it means we have a LT that's pretty recent as well, and Mozz will like that. So yeah, now worries. Also, I'll put up the LT with the changes soon so you have a perfectly up-to-date one.

    And, I so didn't even think to look on UPN for the battle results, I thought they were only supposed to be put on SPPf *wry smile*
    I was gone for about thirteen months but I ended up missing people and just missing this hellhole, so I decided to come back and get back into the swing of things

    Where is AF these days?
    Thanks for including me, Stubert. You're always so thoughtful. ;; <3 I hope the trip goes well too, lawl. D:

    We'll make sure to be careful and stay safe, Stubie~ Hope we can talk to you soon! Love you a bunch! :3
    It went quite well, gotten stuff for everyone but my mom so far, and no classes has been going excellently, though I wish they'd post my grades. Bah.
    Thanks for the good luck wishes, Dani's costume looks incredible so I think she has a really good chance to win.
    Yayayayay messages from my favourite Stubie. <333


    Hoping for Durian pride. D: But then LC battulz...! eep.

    PScongratsonyourgymseeIknewyoucoulddoit~ <3
    Heya Stubert. Things are going well, and congrats on the Bug Gym, it is certainly well deserved. We may be going out shopping for America stuff later today so hopefully it'll all be coo' Have a good time at class.
    Always happy to hear from ya, Stubert. It's been a pretty eventful past few days so we have a lot of goss to catch up on, and I hope everything is going well with your new job. You go girlfriend!. . . Naah, I can't pull that off. Take care.
    omg Stubert I miss you bunches~ Hope you're having a good time! :3

    I had another weird dream that I can spam you with sometime. xd

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