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Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2015
Jun 7, 2008
Likes Received:
Mar 8, 1996 (Age: 23)
Your monitor

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This is a title., 23, from Your monitor

Torosiken was last seen:
Mar 9, 2015
    1. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      Dah liat sprites baru hgss blon?
    2. Pikablu Lv.X
      Pikablu Lv.X
      I forgot to mention I can also recolor sugimori art.
    3. pikadude43
      i finally got good at scratching yay
    4. pikadude43
      hi how you doing
    5. Dragonfree
      Um, okay, if you want? o.o
    6. PokeGyroid
      Torosiken, your request is denied. Soz, but this is for L's & the exceptions.
      (From PokeGyroid's fusion sprite shop for legends)
    7. Serebii
      Sure but do remember, I am about to be incredibly busy so it may be a while before I can get to them :)
    8. Shadow_lugia991
      really thanks~

      I love your site, i think it'll be one of the best soon :D
    9. Dragon Houou
      Dragon Houou
      Hey Torosiken! :) How's everything? I like your picture of torchic. :P
    10. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      Di gimp setiap layer itu kan di hitung sebagai frame animasi kan?
      Background-Frame 1, Layer berikutnya-Frame 2 Layer berikutnya lagi-Frame 3 begitu seterusnya.
      Jadi di bikin dulu dua layer, begitu udah siap save as *.gif.
      Nanti muncul jendela "Export File" pilih "Save as Animation" lalu export.
      Muncul jendela lagi, "GIF Comment" klo ga perlu ga usah di centang, "Delay blahblah-panjang-amet-sih" angkanya jadi 120 untuk animasi icon (sori yang kemaren salah XD).
      Trus "Frame Disposal apaan-gitu" Pilih yang "One Frame per Layer" setelah itu baru save dan langsung bisa di coba pada browser favorit anda ;]
    11. Metamence
      Well your renders are choppy and that Naruto dude (IDK?) is oddly placed. Font is covering the focal and weirdly placed and the background is simple.. All in all, it's sort of under average.. No offense..
      Not sure if you want this, but do you want me to give you a sig tutorial?
    12. Shadow_lugia991
      yeah ^^; And i bet youre the one whos gonna give it XD
    13. Shine
      Yes, but apparently the registering system can be used by anyone outside Indonesia.
      And apart from the Rules, it's in English (and the Rules part has the sentence "I Agree", lol). So technically everyone in here can become a member, they just can't say anything since everyone in there speaks Indonesian all the time, which makes it worthless for them to spend the time to join :p

      And it's quite quiet (lol)
    14. Shine
      Yes, it is considered advertising another forum.
      However I'll let this one pass instead of editing it out of your post since most of the posts in that forum is written in Indonesian language, even if someone who is not an Indonesian joins, they can't read anything, so it's basically useless for them to join, therefore it won't really affect SPPf :p

      and yes I know every other staff can read this post and edit that link out if they want to xD
    15. Shine
      Hi too :)
      That was quick, I sent the friend request like probably around 15 minutes ago? lol
    16. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      Pertama, buat fusionnya dulu, pisahin framenya pake gimp.
      Frame 1 fuse sama frame 1, frame 2 sama frame 2.
      Setelah itu bikin sizenya 32x32, baru di animate (frame 1 jadi background)
      Speednya 100 ms.
    17. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      Gpp aku bisa bedain, lagipula aku udah kasih rule buat pake form yang bener.
      Klo ternyata salah kan resikonya dia, Dan setiap form worker di shop ku itu beda semua walaupun itemnya sama.
    18. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      It form kamu, punya nadya ga pake gambar buat background, dia pake warna.
    19. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      Toro ada request buat kamu di shop ku [click]
    20. Pokemaniac Erika
      Pokemaniac Erika
      Asal jangan di taruh di shop kamu ga masalah...
      Udah ngerti caranya? Boleh liatkan klo dah jadi? :]
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    Mar 8, 1996 (Age: 23)
    Your monitor
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    I am a human >1

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    Y Team :3

    pics from spp :3