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  • Yeah, I’m super excited to see what else we get. Lately I’ve just been playing the hell out of Xenoblade 2.
    Not a problem at all man, I haven’t been around on here much either. I’ve been doing pretty good myself, enjoying the nice slew of great games Ninendo has been pumping out.
    Hey man! I've been gone forever, holy cow. But I'm trying to remind myself to get on here more often to see how things are going! So how have you been?
    my fc is in my sig too
    im only on on the weekends
    and then only after 10 for about two hours. (I like to wait till the shops open.)
    yeah id love to visit your town
    i dont have any other fortune cookie items sorry.
    so do you want the kk 3ds or the normal one?
    do you want to visit my town as well?
    Well, looks like the Gym Leaders probably aren't coming back, but it looks like the gang is handling matters pretty well on their own! Clemont especially has kicked some serious butt.
    Ooh, that would be cool. Pinsir or Heracross for Viola, Aerodactyl for Grant, Venusaur for Ramos, Mawile or Altaria for Valerie, and Medicham or Alakazam for Olympia. Of course, that might make Clemont look bad if he was the only Gym Leader without a Mega :p
    Yeah, I saw the preview with Steven, it'll be a heck of a showdown with Team Flare if he and Diantha team up. And yeah, I was kind of expecting Korrina to show up since she's so heavily associated with Mega Evolution, plus the hints that Lucario is appearing again soon. But if they all show up, that'll be fantastic.
    Yeah but at the same time I'm kind of excited to see him do Island Trials it'll be refreshing to see him try and do something new.
    Honestly, by the time the TF arc is over, I'm guessing it'll be about time for Ash to head off to Alola.

    And ah, cool, just wanted to be sure!
    That is true, Greninja vs. Charizard wasn't quite as epic looking as Greninja vs. Sceptile had been, or various other battles from the last few episodes. I thought Goodra vs. Bisharp was better, honestly.

    I saw a leak of the final evos like a month or so ago that has been pretty much 99% confirmed to be true. The leakers also correctly revealed a lot of other info that turned out to be true, namely the existence of Pyukumuku and Morelull and the fact that there is no Pokemon League. Also, the leaked art of the starter evolutions featured the Trial Captain Mallow, like two weeks before her official reveal. Have you seen/do you want to see them? Or do you want to remain unspoiled until it's official?
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