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  • Honestly, by the time the TF arc is over, I'm guessing it'll be about time for Ash to head off to Alola.

    And ah, cool, just wanted to be sure!
    That is true, Greninja vs. Charizard wasn't quite as epic looking as Greninja vs. Sceptile had been, or various other battles from the last few episodes. I thought Goodra vs. Bisharp was better, honestly.

    I saw a leak of the final evos like a month or so ago that has been pretty much 99% confirmed to be true. The leakers also correctly revealed a lot of other info that turned out to be true, namely the existence of Pyukumuku and Morelull and the fact that there is no Pokemon League. Also, the leaked art of the starter evolutions featured the Trial Captain Mallow, like two weeks before her official reveal. Have you seen/do you want to see them? Or do you want to remain unspoiled until it's official?
    Me too! I'm not disappointed with the battle as a whole, I think it was honestly really great, but Ash and Greninja really got robbed of a win there, it was certainly earned. I really thought they were going to.

    I've been pretty good! I really like most of the new Pokemon, though I admit to being a little weirded out by the Bewear line. Also Bruxish scares me.
    Oh my gosh cx

    And hello! It's been a while, how have you been? Lots of exciting Sun and Moon stuff has been happening!
    Oh my god lol, I still can't believe Ash lost I really thought he was going to win!
    I'm just wondering if it will get interrupted or not, I'm glad we got some Sun and Moon information today.
    Yeah I thought they were going to use the vocal version as well, I really liked Greninja vs Abomasnow; but I thought Pikachu and Talonflame had pretty lackluster fights. Oh well at least the Kalos League is coming up soon which looks amazing.
    Exactly, I'd like to see Ash face Mega Garchomp would be interesting to see how that could; but I could also see him facing Astrid again.
    Same here! I'm also looking forward to seeing who Astrid and the Mega Garchomp guy face.
    Wow so it seems like a battle between Alain and Trevor will happen I hope it's interesting.
    A battle between Trevor and Tierno would be interesting, I could also see a match between Trevor and Alain happening Charizard vs Mega Charizard X..with Alain winning of course.
    I'm hoping it follows a similar structure to the Hoenn League, with Ash having at least three full battles. I could see both Trevor and Tierno showing up with Mega Pokemon; but they might have Alain and Sawyer use them since they're the main rivals.
    I sure hope so! I'd love to see Ash face Alain(if he's in the league), Sawyer, and Tierno in full battles. I'm also guessing that a trainer from the Alola region might show up and he'll be the one to defeat Ash.
    I kind of wish the battle was a full battle like the last gym in Hoenn, but it should be great regardless especially with Iwane animating it I can't wait.
    Yeah I'm definitely enjoying XYZ a lot! I'm looking forward to the battle with Wulfric, I hope Hawlucha gets a win during the rematch so he doesn't go on another losing streak.
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