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  • Yeah I hear you, I'm really hoping they keep more things secret this time around..I really want to try to play through this game knowing as little as possible.
    Yeah I like the Sun Legendary a lot too, I might end up getting both versions like I did for X and Y. If I do that then I'll go with Popplio in Sun and Litten in Moon.
    I've been alright. Super busy for the last few months, but that's starting to calm down now.

    And I'm super-excited! Here's hoping we get a bit more of a revelation about the region. I've seen a ton of interesting speculation about it.
    It will. But I'm planning on doing more banners, I have a similar one to this that I did a few years ago when X/Y had been announced but not released, I'm planning to do a kind of remake of it once we have a little more information about S/M. Then I have other ideas too.
    Yes, I did make it myself. And thank you! I'm glad you like it. I wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary in some way here on the forums, and I thought making a banner showcasing all generations could be a good start.
    Yeah, it's going to be a busy year. It'll take me forever to finish Xenoblade too since I'm usually only home on weekends to play the Wii U.
    Wow, congrats! I'll probably get back to the game and start working more toward completion once I've gotten some of my newer games done. I've mostly been playing Xenoblade Chronicles X lately, plus some Disney Infinity and Yoshi's Woolly World.
    I still haven't checked the specifics, sorry. What I can say is that I have done very little since beating the story. Ampharos had just told me about the various treasures, or whatever it is I'm supposed to be able to hunt down. And no, I'm really not surprised at your progress, it just particularly blew me away because of how slow progressing through anything outside the story was for me.
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