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Hi there visitor, and thanks for looking at my page in advance. If you like to make new friends, don't hesitate to send me a message or add me as a friend. My deviantART username is Imagine-A-Frenzy, so look me up if you want to see some of my artwork.

My first ever Pokémon game was Sapphire, but since I have obtained every game except: Crystal, Gold, X & Y and Black 1 & 2 (not including Ranger/Mystery Dungeon). My personal favourites are the Hoenn games, and the only reason I didn't buy X & Y is because I don't have the need of owning a 3DS. I also still love the anime, I got back into it when the XY series started, and because of Amourshipping and the new battle graphics I've become hooked. I was watching the anime up until about a quarter of the way into BW, by which point I had gotten sick of Iris calling Ash a 'kid' every five seconds.

Obviously, I love Torterra, coolest Pokémon ever, especially when it uses Frenzy Plant. Got to love Ash's in the anime too. I actually like all Pokémon, except for a couple *cough* Garbodor and Trubbish *cough* and if I could I would have a team full of strong, four legged Pokemon. Here's my wishlist for a team of amazing Pokémon:

This was off the top of my head BTW, if you can think of better ones then drop me a VM. I have this team, along with others, on Pokemon Showdown, so don't hesitate to challenge me.

Apart from Pokémon, I'm also obsessed with Marvel and superhero movies, except Superman (he's way too overpowered). Also enjoy Agents of Shield and Arrow, and Transformers. TBH, any action movies are my thing, as are comedies.

I'm almost always around on Serebii so if you need some help, or just someone to talk to, you can send me a VM or PM. I am extremely self-conscious about myself, and sometimes to let off all the stress I play Pokémon, Call of Duty or FIFA. Drawing is also one my hobbies, I can draw anything if I've got something to copy off (but so can anyone :p).

Also, I play soccer and could talk about the professional game for hours if you mention it. I'm into most forms of music, except for screamo and classical. Best bands at the moment are Hedley, Imagine Dragons and American Authors, with an honourable mention going out to Two Door Cinema Club. Other good artists are Bastille and Avicii.

Soccer, Pokemon and Amourshipping, Call Of Duty and FIFA, Marvel, Imagine Dragons, drawing
April 18
Favourite Pokémon


Amourshipping and Generation III for the win!