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  • Yeah, I put a lot of effort into that house!

    Don't most things that are good for you taste disgusting? xD

    Eee! *flails wildly* No!
    Not fast enough!!

    Oh yeah! I'm so forgetful x.x
    I love things like that! But I almost never make them because they're so much work.
    It wasn't good at all. x) It's nice to be able to eat whatever I want now. ^^
    One time, I spawned a ton of wolves and had them follow me around and I built a house in the trees...and my friend set fire to the trees and burned everything I had. I hit him and my wolves killed him ^_^

    D: hehe! Pulp is good for you though!
    Pineapple juice is even good out of a can of pineapple squares! :p

    EEK! I HATE BEING TICKLED! D: *flails*
    You'd better eat your chocolate faster next time!! xD

    She has big ears and most of her whiskers are turning white now ^_^
    Do you have a dog(s)?
    Sadly, it's not possible, I'm traveling a lot and i'm busy with school, I think that he's busy with school too, but, maybe, i'll see him in few weeks ;) I still like him, but I started to like my Best friend (he's a boy, calm down xD) in the beggining of the year, We used to like each other, but we never dated (I don't remember if I already told this to you) now, my BF knows that I like him and my karate senpai, and he don't like my karate senpai (both hate each other, they had a fight another day), well, BF said that he has a little feeling for me too, I actually don't know what to do
    Wah, a lot of stuff, i couldn't tell you before because my internet sucks, okay, well, we hugged a lot, he kissed my forehead, he played with my cheeks, he was so happy to see me, it was great, one of the best days in my life, I also had fun, because it was a Karate cup, so yeah...
    *whistles* sure dude... :p
    dude! stop it! I'm having lunch and you just have to talk about nasty things *turns green* excuse me....
    Haha yeah, I usually get bored and start mass-killing things o.o

    Orange! Do you like pulp or no pulp? :eek: Pineapple is so good!

    ;) You ate it too slowly.
    Same!! I have a 10 y/o German Shep! She is soooooo cute!
    It's fun! But creative gets boring fast if you're not working on a big project or something to keep you occupied.

    Really? Showers make me sleepy LOL!!
    What kind of juice? Juice is great!

    *eats all the chocolate* hehe chocolate is the best.
    Which kind of dog is your favorite?!
    Hmm... brownies would be nice. Personally, I kind of want potato pancakes. I haven't had those in ages and I LOVE them. x)
    Ugh, I know. I've never been that sick before in my life. 0______0 Hopefully I'm never that sick again! :)
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