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  • haha!, you better bring and empty garbage truck XD
    lol! seriously dude, people see ghosts around Amour! why? are they crazy?? @_@
    Survival is fun! ^_^

    But so is getting revenge on Creepers by going into Creative, building a glass tank without a ceiling or lid on it, filling it will lava, equipping a creeper spawn, and watching them all burn to death :D

    And go to Seattle for Starbucks! They made the original Starbucks. (It's a coffee place, I'm not sure if they have them anywhere outside the U.S. or not).

    Yis it's true :( *hugs* but oh well there was puppies involved! And a tortoise. I got to petsit them ^_^

    Slept in? :eek: sleep is good!
    Not every event. Many things happen off-screen that we don't know xD

    Yeah. Fly with actual control. Perfect description xD Yeah...the story of Johto's was about the great war. Really nice story it was.

    LOL Smash Bros already has that mechanic, so I really don't think that will be brought back.
    o-o School! More like Prison with a name
    Oh my...well XD
    I'm just not a fan of Serena's new design, so I wouldn't know all the dynamics of her.
    Well at least we don't stalk people around and invade their privacy while we are at it xD I suppose I should've added that to my earlier point. xD

    Yeah if you think of it that way...LOL. Yeah there's Mirage Islands, and a mechanic called soaring. You can fly on your Latios/Latias, and you can control where it flies using the joystick. Awesome right? And while you are at it, you can do loop the loops and other such stuff xD Yeah. The Delta Episode is fantastic! in fact, it is a mini-story in and of itself. And the stories they tell in it are really nice. But to me, the best story will always remain the story of Ho-oh and the three dogs.

    Maybe...maybe not. I mean, it all seems fancy in the anime. But in the game itself, it may not sit that well. Because remember, they already have a game that involves your control- Smash Bros.
    no way dude! that thing again? :s
    Ash is oblivious as hell, why do people try to push love rivals? the writers don't even do it anymore X(
    you are giving me one more reason to post again, I'm in mid terms now, otherwise I'd be there trying to explain our (positive) points!
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