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  • Yeah. Hahah. I really don't see what they gain with the gossip though. I mean, it isn't even your life. It is someone else's life. Someone who doesn't even know you exist. So why bother? Ah well...I guess those people would never understand what's the deal with shipping two fictional characters I suppose xD

    XY and ORAS are single region. But they are massive! ORAS was burgeoned by the Mirage Islands dynamic too, which really "complicates" matters a bit. Yeah..there is a scene like you say. It is called the Delta Episode. It is a really cool sequence. :D Not to mention there's a hint of shipping between Brendan and Zinnia, and Brendan and May.

    True but that would ruin the competitive dynamics of Pokemon. Nevertheless, if pulled off well, it would be awesome.
    Yea...school man, school..
    Oh, I do like it! But, to be a critic, I would go back and fix the eyes. For some reason, they look a bit creepy to stare at.
    Creative or Survival mode? :eek:

    America! The land of the cheeseburgers and fries! I can say that because I live here and it's funny xD Italy sounds nice though ^_^

    Nope, I didn't D: No one loves me lol!
    Did you?!
    cheap drugs! Expensive ones don't make me silly. Jk eh! XD
    Dude... I agree about the old thread being better, even when admitting it is sad, but I have noticed a group of new guys with positive attitude posting, I hope they spread it to the old pessimists :)
    Yeah. Most of the good songs are singles anyway xD Still I mean, can't you think of what it would be like if someone did that to you? And what intrigues me more is the following they have! There must be some demand for the paparazzi to go on that way after all.

    I'm living the dream :D Trying to complete the National Dex right now. I believe that if you have XY and ORAS, it is possible to complete the National Dex. And ORAS comes close to the amount of post-game content as HGSS. You can go around capturing several legends. But nothing can beat the fact that HGSS had two regions!

    I somehow think that the massive game you talk about would never happen. I mean think about it. The level limit is 100 after all. Beyond a point, you'll just go pulverizing the gym leaders because you are far too over-leveled. And then there's the point of economics. Though there are calls for it, I bet half the people screaming for it won't buy it in the end. The same problems that are associated with Ash- with him being reset after every region and all would then apply to you, which I don't think would sit well.
    I love Minecraft! Do you play it? I haven't played in like a year...

    Aw :( You need a vacation!
    Man, I haven't watched a Pokemon episode since the 2nd or 3rd generation. They're on XY now? :eek:
    Happy (late) v-day to you, too!
    (I've been house-sitting without WiFi for 10 days lol)

    Drugs? Jk XD you are right
    Sorry if I sound rude dude, but most of people without real life experience interacting with women tend to say baloney about how Ash and Serena have to interact, see fake hints, and imagine rivals for Serena... the thread s crazy now dude!
    LOL yeah singles. xD The paparazzi is crazy if you ask me. I mean, why do you idolize someone so much above you? I'm all for fandom. But why violate the other person's personal space and privacy? Oh well. Some things we'll never understand xD

    Oh yes! I love the Gen 2. Pokemon Silver was my first game, and Cyndaquil was my first Pokemon. Hence my love for the Cyndaquil line xD I loved the remakes too. And there was so much content! By far the best game. ORAS comes second when it comes to content. I say the Gen 6 and the Gen 2 games are more or less tied. The whole gameplay of XY was far too good. It matched HGSS. The only thing that helped HGSS trump XY was game content. There's much more post game in HGSS. Hopefully that will be resolved in the second version of XY
    Yep. Those two soundtracks. Made him a multi-millionaire, and that was it. But hey, I'd take that any day! Much better than having constant fame and being hounded by journalists and the paparazzi eternally. I doubt they'll learn. But whatever.

    Of course! My all-time favourite is Gen 2. I still say that some of the soundtracks of the Johto games remain unmatched in terms of melody, although XY beats it hands down when it comes to overall beauty of the soundtracks, and appropriateness. The Johto games had rather poor tunes for cities. But XY...every single city, every single route has an excellent theme. And as to appropriateness, though the gym leader and rival themes of Johto were melodious and beat the XY counterparts on melody alone, the Kalos Gym theme has a frantic beat which really gets you pumped in tough battles. Same for the rival theme.
    It's alright, but thank you. I'm a bit happier now because of something that happened just this past week. :D
    Well, that was years ago so I don't remember the kid that well
    Cute faces for the win~ :3 ;3 >:3
    I tend to XD
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